September 2009

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tips On Protecting Your Camera On North Cyprus Holiday

As a car hire company employee in North Cyprus, I have spoken to numerous vacationers who have lamented over the fact that something has happened to their camera. I’ve even had my own fair share of vacation camera problems, such as corrupt memory cards that are expensive to replace. And that’s assuming you can find one that works with your camera. When you travel overseas, things are not always compatible. No matter when you travel – summer or winter – it’s important to protect your camera while you are on holiday.

In an effort to help you have the best holiday possible, I talked to my car hire coworkers and here are some tips on keeping your camera safe that we wanted to pass on to you.

1. If you are going to be spending time on the beach it’s a good idea to keep your camera free from sand as much as possible. One grain of sand can cause your camera to stop functioning as well as scratch the camera lens. If you have to handle your camera while you are on the beach, make sure your hands are free from sand and that it is stored in a case that will not let sand get into it. Cameras are expensive to replace.

2. You can get an underwater housing for most cameras on the market today which is great if you want to take underwater pictures. However, unless you are absolutely sure the housing is water tight and will protect your camera at all times, consider investing in an underwater disposable camera for your trip. This way you know your camera will remain safe and secure and not accidentally get ruined due to water damage.

3. Back up your pictures as soon as possible. Since most people use digital cameras they will be saving their pictures on memory cards. You should make sure that you always have plenty of memory cards with you in case one gets corrupted. A lot of times a photo shop can recover the pictures so you do not want to dispose of the chip. Additionally, back up your pictures whenever you get the chance. Even if you only go to your hotel room for a moment, download your pictures on your computer while you are there. Then make a DVD copy of the day’s pictures just in case your computer crashes.

4. Always keep your camera secure no matter where you are. Do not leave it lying around as cameras are quite often the perfect target of thieves. My best suggestion is to carry your camera in a case that has a strap long enough to wear satchel style across your chest. This way it is harder to lose your camera or have it stolen. Keep you name and contact details in your camera case in the event that you should happen to lose it.

5. Consider taking out travel insurance before you leave on holiday so that your camera will be covered for damage in case something happens. If you are going to be brave and use your camera underwater you may have to take out additional insurance for it. Your insurance agent can let you know.