February 2009

Saturday, 28 February 2009

#4 in Cyprus44’s hot spots for 2009 is Lapta in North Cyprus

What is the deal?
The town of Lapta in North Cyprus is located ten kilometres west of Kyrenia and is built in levels over a sprawling and diffuse hillside. It is the home to numerous natural mountain springs that feed the groves of citrus and olive plants. The village also has quite a few churches throughout it and not one of them dates before the 18th century, even though the village itself is considerably older having been settled way before the 13th century. There is also a beautiful mosque in the town, a wonderful example of the Ottoman influence. The town is divided into two parts and the main strip in the village is where visitors will find the hotels, bars, restaurants, pubs, and cafes. The town is a popular summer resort destination.
What are other holiday makers saying?
Visitors to the Cyprus44’s forum have stated that visiting Lapta on the off season is preferable if you want a laid back vacation. The town is so popular in the summer that the amount of people in it triples. The pubs, cafes, and restaurants in the village all serve wonderful food and the area itself is very laid back and relaxed, perfect for vacationing individuals and families.
How do I get there?
Lapta can be reached by hiring a car – North Cyprus Car Hire has some wonderful deals and they will deliver the car to you at the airport – and driving to its location. Visitors can fly in from Ercan Airport, the only airport in North Cyprus.