January 2009

Saturday, 31 January 2009

#1 in Cyprus44’s hot spots for 2009 is Kyrenia in North Cyprus

What is the deal?
Kyrenia is one beautiful city that is steeped in 6,000 years worth of history. You can find remains of numerous civilisations and nationalities that have occupied North Cyprus over the last millennia. Visitors absolutely love the temperate climate here and with its miles of calm seas and natural, soft sand beaches, Kyrenia is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean towns. The town itself is surrounded by beautiful blue waters and rich green scenery thanks to the Besparmak (Fivefinger) Mountains that look down over the town. Whether you are interested in exploring the shops and local markets, enjoying a cup of coffee at one of the dockside cafes, or simply enjoying the white sand beaches, Kyrenia has plenty of things for the visitor to do and enjoy.
What are other holiday makers saying?
According to the Cyprus44’s forum, the beaches at Kyrenia are very popular with tourists of all walks of life. Other favourite hot spots in the city include the Byzantine Kyrenia Castle, the ruins at the Necropolis at Karmi, and the Cypriot Folk Arts Museum. Additionally, many of the cafes and restaurants in Kyrenia have received rave reviews, including the Ali Pasha Tavern, The Crow’s Nest, and Niazi's Restaurant & Bistro.
How do I get there?
Visitors to Kyrenia will fly into Ercan Airport, the only airport in North Cyprus. If you plan on driving through North Cyprus while you are there, you can hire a vehicle from North Cyprus Car Hire and they will deliver your rental car to you at the airport.