May 2009

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Pacific Rent A Car Promotes New Ford Fiesta

Pacific Rent A Car has been providing visitors to North Cyprus with high quality hire vehicles for quite a number of years, and as co-founder of the company I have been involved with helping determine the best cars for our fleet. My name is Huseyin Ocal, and I am the one who tests all of the cars for the Pacific Rent A Car company in order to find the ones that will suit the needs and tastes of our customers the best.

While my position in the company was considerably busier before I retired, I decided not to leave the Pacific family on a permanent basis. Instead I took on the position as researcher, investigating the many different makes and models of cars that have been released by auto manufacturers over the years. I was the one that recommended adding the Ford Focus and Hyundai Matrix to our hire fleet based on comments made by our customers. And in this position, I am delighted to take the vehicles I think would benefit our company out on test drives and put them through their paces.

I recently had the opportunity to test drive the new Ford Fiesta and I was very impressed with the way this compact car handled. It held the roads well and the gas mileage was beyond adequate. As North Cyprus does not have many gas stations, our customers are always looking to hire a vehicle that will do well on gasoline. The Ford Fiesta is one of them. It was released in both an automatic and standard model with a 1.4 litre gas motor. It is the same size as the previous Fiesta’s Ford has released, although the body style has been changed to reflect a more modern and rounded appearance.

By the time I was down test driving the Ford Fiesta I knew that this was the perfect hire car for Pacific and I made my recommendations on everything I gathered on this powerful little car. Thanks to my careful research I am pleased to announce that we have added five brand new Ford Fiesta’s to our fleet of hire cars. With the Ford Fiesta as part of our fleet we can now give our customers even more to choose from when they book a car with us.

Because the Fiesta is a compact, I felt strongly about adding it to the fleet to offer our business visitors a reliable and economical car that would suit them well in the cities or on the country back roads. Most business travellers need nothing more than a car of this size and there is adequate storage space in the hatch to accommodate their luggage and business paraphernalia. This is not a family car and I would not recommend it for families visiting the island. However, a vacationing couple interested in travelling light and touring the island will find the Ford Fiesta exactly what they need during their stay.

As with all of our other fleet vehicles we are more than happy to arrange pickup for you at Ercan Airport, providing you immediately with your hire car. If for some reason you are not happy with the car we provide, we encourage you to tell us so that we can return to the Pacific office and make it right. After all, you the customer must be pleased with the vehicle you are going to drive and the service we provide. If you are not, we simply ask to rectify the problem. Additionally, we will provide you with road service if needed, even on our new Ford Fiesta. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we look forward to meeting your needs.