February 2009

Sunday, 15 February 2009

#3 in Cyprus44’s hot spots for 2009 is Karpaz in North Cyprus

What is the deal?
Karpaz in North Cyprus is on the easternmost part of the island, making up the peninsula that tapers into a thin strip of land reaching for Turkey. The area is notable for its numerous beaches that stretch for miles on end and is the home of pine, cypress, and maquis that covers the hills above. This region of North Cyprus is a natural reserve for flora and fauna on the island. The main source of income for this area is fishing, and the villages of Bogaz and Kumyali are the centres of fishing in the area. In addition to the beautiful beaches there are many Byzantine churches to visit, including the Monastery of Apostolos Andreas. This is also the natural home of the wild donkeys of Karpaz, animals that are native to the island.
What are other holiday makers saying?
Visitors to the Cyprus44’s forum have commented that exploring the beaches in Karpaz is an enjoyable past time that could last for days on end without ever getting boring. Bird watching, shell searching, and fossil collecting are some of the things visitors have mentioned, and if visitors are looking for authentic restaurants featuring traditional foods they need to try the Cyprus Gardens Restaurant and the Karsel, both located in Bogaz and serving some of the best seafood meals on the island.
How do I get there?
When visiting North Cyprus, visitors can get to Karpaz via car hire from Ercan Airport, the only airport in North Cyprus. North Cyprus Car Hire will allow you to book your car ahead of time and will meet you at the airport with your rental vehicle.