September 2008

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

North Cyprus Car Hire - Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is another great family car that is not only stylish but economical to drive. It is the perfect car for families visiting North Cyprus, and it can fit three adults and two children comfortably. If you need to use more than one baby seat, you should review our other family vehicles. You can comfortably use one and still seat five, but it is a bit tight. Plus, Focus has the child safety locks on the back doors so your children will always be safe when you hire one of our Ford Focus’.
All of our Focus’ are manual transmissions and are between two and four years old. We keep them well maintained so that you never have to worry about the car as you enjoy the Cyprus countryside. Each of our cars has power steering, central locking, electric front windows, airbags and ABS. These cars are economical and get great gas mileage. As with the current standards of gas usage, they also use unleaded petrol. The boot of these cars can handle luggage for the entire family.
These cars are very roomy and handle the roads well. All of them are four cylinder vehicles and they give the driver plenty of power to handle the many different road conditions that are found throughout North Cyprus. With a Ford Focus at your service, you will be able to keep the travelling costs of your vacation to a minimum. If you are planning a trip to the country and need an economical car, then make sure you book a Focus ahead of time. These great economy cars go fast.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Fiat Punto - Pacific Car Hire Fleet

Fiat Punto
Probably the sportiest of our ‘comfort section’ line, the Fiat Punto – along with the Opel Astra, Ford Focus, and Hyundai Matrix – is a roomy five seat vehicle that can easily handle three adults and two children, or two adults and two children in car seats. Economical, the Fiat Punto runs on unleaded gasoline and is a great gas saver. Our Fiat Punto’s are all manual transmission and are between one and two years old. Some of them even still have that new car smell!
The Fiat Punto comes equipped standard with power steering, central locking, electric front windows, airbags, and ABS. Don’t let this little car deceive you. It can handle the varied road conditions of North Cyprus without a problem. It is great for long distance highway travel as well as city driving. The Punto is considered a supermini car, meaning it is a roomier vehicle that is half car, half van. This four cylinder economy car is perfect for those long drives in the countryside.
If you know you will be visiting North Cyprus on vacation and need some extra room, the Fiat Punto may be the car you need. The perfect size for all of your vacation activities, the Fiat will save you money while travelling with your family. Book your Fiat Punto online as soon as possible. Our economy ‘comfort section’ line of rental cars goes fast and we won’t be able to promise you one unless you reserve it ahead of time.

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Monday, 8 September 2008

Car Hire North Cyprus - Hyundai Getz

Another nice family car for your visits here in North Cyprus, the Hyundai Getz is also affordably priced to hire. It is the perfect car for a family of four adults and one child, or any combination that sees five people sitting in the Getz comfortably without being cramped. Available in automatic and manual, the Getz is the second of our small car line that offers air conditioning for your comfort while you travel around the island.
This line of cars is only one to three years old, but as with all of our vehicles, we do not let you drive away until the vehicle has been checked out thoroughly by our staff. We do not want to see you have a terrible holiday if the car you hired from us were to break down. If it did, all you would need to do is call us anytime day or night and we would being a new rental car to you so you can get back on your way.
The Getz comes with manual or automatic transmissions. Easy to not only drive and park, these economic beauties use unleaded petrol and are easy on the gasoline. Each Getz has central locking, electric front windows, airbags and ABS, making them not only fun to drive, but also safe. Book your Hyundai Getz now online through our portal to make sure that you get the car you want when you arrive. If you are visiting the country during the summer, make sure you reserve your car early to miss the rush.

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