December 2008

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

North Cyprus Trip by Car Part 3

Client Testimonial: My Trip To Cyprus – Day Three: Esentepe And Karpaz

I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day and I decided to drive to my next destination, Karpaz, early. I wanted to have enough time to stop in Esentepe where some people at the hotel in Kyrenia told me was beautiful. Esentepe is nestled between the mountains and the ocean and the scenery is breath taking. The village itself is at the base of the mountains that overlook it like a sentinel, and the beaches are great for taking long walks on. I snapped some great pictures from both locations and then headed into the town proper to catch some lunch.

The local cuisine in Esentepe is superb and I enjoyed a meal of kabab with meze. It was filling and perfect for the rest of the drive.
As I headed out towards Karpaz I stopped along the road and took some more pictures of the countryside. Cyprus may be an island, but North Cyprus is filled with terrain that is so varied you cannot help but to stop and simply enjoy it. The forest behind Esentepe is cool and filled with plenty of local flora and fauna, and just being able to walk through some of it was a great way to stretch the legs.
I arrived in Karpaz early enough to get settled in my hotel before heading out to check out the unique peninsula that stretches out into the Mediterranean. There are numerous historic places to visit here including the Byzantine era Monastery of Apostolos Andreas.
According to the legend, this was the last place St. Andrew visited before heading back to Palestine. I took some time walking along the beaches here too before heading back into town for a light supper. I cannot describe the rich beauty of this land adequately. It’s definitely something you have to experience for yourself.