September 2008

Monday, 8 September 2008

Car Hire North Cyprus - Hyundai Getz

Another nice family car for your visits here in North Cyprus, the Hyundai Getz is also affordably priced to hire. It is the perfect car for a family of four adults and one child, or any combination that sees five people sitting in the Getz comfortably without being cramped. Available in automatic and manual, the Getz is the second of our small car line that offers air conditioning for your comfort while you travel around the island.
This line of cars is only one to three years old, but as with all of our vehicles, we do not let you drive away until the vehicle has been checked out thoroughly by our staff. We do not want to see you have a terrible holiday if the car you hired from us were to break down. If it did, all you would need to do is call us anytime day or night and we would being a new rental car to you so you can get back on your way.
The Getz comes with manual or automatic transmissions. Easy to not only drive and park, these economic beauties use unleaded petrol and are easy on the gasoline. Each Getz has central locking, electric front windows, airbags and ABS, making them not only fun to drive, but also safe. Book your Hyundai Getz now online through our portal to make sure that you get the car you want when you arrive. If you are visiting the country during the summer, make sure you reserve your car early to miss the rush.

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