December 2008

Thursday, 18 December 2008

North Cyprus Trip by Car Hire Part 1

Client Testimonial My Trip To Cyprus – Day One: Kyrenia

I recently had the opportunity to visit the island nation of Cyprus, namely North Cyprus. Excited about seeing this interesting place, I landed at Ercan Airport and collected my bags to find the Pacific Rent-A-Car agent waiting for me. I have to say that their service is definitely top notch and the car they brought me was clean, filled up with petrol, and ready for the week ahead. We quickly went over and signed the paperwork and within a half hour of landing – had to deal with getting through security and the whole passport checking thing – I was in my rental car and driving to Kyrenia. The car I rented was a Ford Focus, a car I was used to driving, and I felt comfortable driving on the strange North Cyprus roads to my hotel.
It was hard to not try and take in the scenery as I drove from the airport to the city of Kyrenia, but somehow I managed. I still had plenty of the day left to wander around Kyrenia a little bit, and once I got to the hotel and checked in I stood outside for a few moments to determine what I wanted to do first.

There are so many interesting places to check out in Kyrenia that choosing one is not the easiest thing. So I decided to check out Kyrenia Castle and then take in a little shopping. Kyrenia Castle sits at the mouth of the harbour and it is an impressive structure. It has the Kyrenia Shipwreck Museum inside of it with the remains of the ancient trading ship in it that was preserved after it was retrieved from the harbour. I was so intrigued by the museum that I never did make shopping. Ah well, I would catch some shopping before I left. After all, I had another day in Kyrenia and plenty still to see.