Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customers is of utmost importance to us. We are dedicated to protecting your information when it is provided to us. We only take the information that we need to operate efficiently, and we never sell, lease, trade or give-away this information to third-party marketing companies.

The policies on this page relate to you, the customer, and to the ways that we protect your information when you browse our site and use our services. This page may be updated on occasion and we reserve the right to make changes when we believe it is to appropriate to do so. By using the Pacific Rent-A-Car website and services you are hereby giving your consent for every policy described herein. Feel free to contact us for further information if you are unsure about any of these terms.

Pacific Rent-A-Car Privacy Policy

What Personal Information Does Pacific Rent-A-Car Collect from its Visitors?

The Pacific Rent-A-Car website may gather basic information from its users, including IP address, location, browser use, language settings, and website activity. This basic information is gathered by analytics software on behalf on Pacific Rent-A-Car and is commonplace on most content and e-commerce websites.

It is used to provide a database of information that can improve the Pacific Rent-A-Car website and is gathered and kept secure by third-party providers. The information we gather does not include anything that can be used to identify you, your exact location, or your browsing habits when you are not using the Pacific Rent-A-Car website.

What Personal Information Does Pacific Rent-A-Car Collect from its Customers?

Whenever you rent a car though Pacific Rent-A-Car you will be required to provide some basic information. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, your name, date of birth, driver’s license and contact details (both your email address and telephone number). Before we can provide you with our rental services we will also need to request payment information and ID verification in the form of a passport and a driver’s license.

We will not retain your passport or your driver’s license, nor will we make any copies. This information is gathered to ensure your safety, to abide by the rules and regulations pertaining to rental services in Cyprus, and to pass our own strict rules concerning customer security.

Why do We Collect Information?

When you book a car rental with us we use the information you provide to find a suitable vehicle and to ensure you are legally allowed to operate this vehicle. We keep this information on file so that we may contact you at anytime during your rental period and pass on necessary information to authorities and/or information companies if and when required. Should we receive a court order or subpoena relating to a criminal investigation or legal process then we reserve the right to hand over this information if it aids with the prevention or prosecution of criminal acts.

The following information will be kept on file for all former customers of Pacific Rent-A-Car:

License number
Passport number
Contact details (email telephone)
Address while in Cyprus

After your rental period has ended we may use your contact details to send you a questionnaire relating to your experience as a customer and requesting that you leave us a review. This is done to improve our customer support and to ensure we can continue to offer a high calibre of service to customers past and present.

If you contact us to ask us a question, whether you are a customer or not, we will use your information to send you correspondence relating to your question. This contact information will not be stored over the long term, however, and it will not be used to market products or services to you without your expressed consent.

How we Keep Your Information Secure

We endeavour to follow best practices, where possible, in order to prevent illegal and otherwise unauthorised use of the personal, financial and sensitive information that we have on file.

We use a number of systems and business practices to ensure this information remains safe and secure, accessed only by trusted members of the Pacific Rent-A-Car team who have been trained in the proper use of these systems and the proper safeguarding of this information.

Where our newsletter is concerned, all user information (names, email addresses, and newsletter interaction) will be kept secure on the MailChimp server.

Do You Use Cookies?

Yes. Cookies are a safe way to store basic information that can assist a user in browsing our website and buying our services. Our cookies store data such as location and service selections as pertaining to booster seats, insurance and other options.