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About Insurance

  • What is CDW?

    The Collision Damage Waiver, or ‘CDW’, are a set of terms which allow the insurance policy to waive the costs of any damage incurred to the car in the event of a collision.

  • Is the CDW included in the rental price?

    Yes, the CDW is included in the rental price, we also offer Additional Insurance * which covers Tyres and Windscreen which are not covered by the main insurance **

    * for more details about our additional insurance

    ** for more details on our main insurance policy

  • Which parts of the car are excluded from the main insurance?

    Our insurance does not cover the following:

    • Tyres and Tyre related parts (including spare tyre)
    • Glass/windscreen
    • Lights
    • Mirrors
    • Keys
    • Interior accessories – mechanic and electrical components, such as stereo, gear stick, indicator stalk (MFS) etc.
    • Undercarriage of the vehicle
  • What is the minimum and maximum age limit?

    Our minimum age limit is 25, we do not have an upper age limit.

  • Is Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) included in our policy?

    Personal accident insurance (PAI) is an agreement between the insurance company and the person insured where the former will provide financial compensation to the latter or his/her family in case of permanent disability/death caused directly and only due to any accident. We do not have PAI included in our insurance.

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About Accident and/or Breakdowns

  • What do I do if I breakdown?

    As with any car malfunctions are inevitable and sometimes unpredictable. If the car is giving you indication that there may be a problem, such a light coming on the dashboard, a warning coming up on the display screen or the temperature gauge rising, please pull over, switch off the engine and contact us via telephone immediately. We will then send roadside assistance to your location. Should you ignore any warnings and continue to drive the car you will be held responsible for any damage which may incur due to recklessness, as per our terms of CDW.

  • What should I do if I am involved in an accident?

    You should call us immediately to inform us of the accident and your location. We will then send our team to you or contact the police for you. Should you drive away without notifying us or obtaining a police report from the site of the accident, you will be in violation of your rental agreement rendering yourself fully liable for the damages.

  • What is your emergency contact number?

    The number is 0090 542 852 1920, this number is available 24/7.

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Driving in North Cyprus

  • Can I park anywhere?

    There are designated parking lots in and around every city, they usually cost a small fee. You can also park in location without a yellow or double yellow line, just lookout for the parking sign in your area. Traffic police officers usually patrol and will write you a ticket if you are parked in the wrong place

  • Are there speed cameras in North Cyprus?

    Yes, we have speed cameras on the main roads and within cities. They are clearly signed and will warn you when you are approaching one. You will see the speed limit of the camera indicated in the 3 warning signs before you approach the camera.

  • What do I do if I get a parking or speeding ticket?

    A parking ticket will usually be placed between your windscreen and wiper, you will need to take that ticket to your local police station with your license and pay the fine, you will have 10 days to do this.

    If you get caught speeding by a speed camera, this fine will come to our office, where we will provide the police with a copy of the rental agreement, your passport and license. They will then get in touch with you to issue the fine, you will again have 10 days to pay it once it is issued

  • What happens if I do not pay my fines?

    The police will contact us for copies of your license, passport, and rental agreement, to which we are obliged to provide. They will then enter your details into their system and stop you at either the airport, border or harbour.

  • What are the general traffic rules in North Cyprus?

    North Cyprus has Left-Hand Traffic (LHT). The traffic keeps to the left, and cars have the steering wheel on the right (RHD – right hand drive), putting the driver on the side closer to the centre of the road. Roundabouts circulate clockwise, giving way to traffic coming from the right.

    General traffic rules in North Cyprus General traffic rules in North Cyprus