About Insurance:

I have CDW through my credit card/car insurance company; do I still need to purchase it?
Yes, you need to purchase it.

What is the minimum age for car hire?

About Payment:

Can I have an additional driver and do I have to pay any extra?
Yes, you have an additional driver without paying any extra.

Can I pay by Credit Card at the time delivery of the car?
If you want to pay by card you should pay advance.

Is C.D.W included in the rate quoted by booking engine?
Yes it is.

Is there a reservation charge if the rental is less than seven days?
No, there is no any reservation charge.

I would prefer to pay for the car in advance - is your online payment area secure?
Yes, all data on the page is encrypted with 128-bit SSL technology to provide best possible data security.

Could you let me know approximately when you will be taking the payment for the car?
We debit your card 1-3 days before your arrival.

Do you need a deposit or do we just pay when we collect the car?
We do not need a deposit. You can pay cash at the time delivery of the car or use our secure Credit Card payment system.

Is there an extra charge for a Credit Card?
There is no charge for a Credit Card.

General Car Hire Questions:

Do I need an international driver's licence or it's enough to have the national licence?
You can hire a car with your national licence.

Can we hire a car for the first three days collecting it from the airport? Then change over to a hard top Vitara for the next three days. Then have the car for the rest of our holiday a further 8-9 days leaving it at the airport?
It is not a problem. Just let us know the dates and the model you wish to hire!

What time of day do you start rentals from?
We have 24/7 delivery and collection service.

What time do you close your office in Kyrenia?
Our office in Kyrenia is open from 7 am – 11.00 pm. If we have a reservation out of the office hours, one of our reps come and hire a car.

About Pick Up/Drop off:

Can I collect & drop off at Ercan Airport?
Yes you can.

What is your airport drop off instruction?
For hard top Cars: Leave the car window slightly open enough for keys to go through.Lock the car.Throw the keys into the car from the slightly open window.We have a spair key.
For soft top jeeps: There is a lockable box on the left hand site of the car. Open the box then lock it when it’s open.After that drop the key in the box and close it.

How will I find car when I arrive to Ercan Airport?
Our rep will be waiting for you at the airport arrival gate, s/he will be holding a paper which your name written on it.

Can you confirm if you operate a collection service from larnaca to Kyrenia to collect the car or would it be better to hire a taxi from larnaca airport to Turkish border and the same for the return journey?
Yes, we can arrange a collection service from Larnaca to Kyrenia. It is 35.00 GBP per journey. We do not advice you to get a taxi from Larnaca airport because it is too expensive.

Can you deliver the car to our accommodation (this is outside Kyrenia - in Bellapais). If so - how much do you charge for this?
We have free delivery and collection service.

Can the car be delivered to the villa we are staying?
Yes, we can deliver to any location in North Cyprus, however, a delivery fee may apply for certain locations, please contact us for more information.

About Cars:

I want to hire a Ford Focus with a/c and RHD - can I be certain you can
supply me with a Focus with a/c and RHD?
We certainly do our best to deliver you a Ford Focus, however we promise Ford Focus or equivalent.

Is the car right hand drive?
All our cars are RHD

Can we place an order for either a Ford Focus or an Opel Astra, whichever is the better car?
They are in the same group. They are very similar cars.

Does the Suzuki Samurai have rear seatbelts?

Does the Suzuki Vitara soft top have air conditioning?

South Cyprus and Border Crossing:

You can have your car delivered at the Turkish Side of the border. However we need to know approximate time and the border, as you know there are two borders in Nicosia, one called Ledra Palace and the other is Kermy. Where do you deliver your hire cars?
We deliver our cars to both of them.

Is it possible to drive in south Cyprus for a few days?
No. The Greek Government does not allow Turkish hire cars to cross the border.