About Pacific Car Hire

Pacific Rent-a-Car is a car hire company based in the North of Cyprus. The company was established in 1982 when it began providing cars for rental purposes with a humble fleet of only 5 vehicles. From this modest beginning Pacific has been dedicated to continuous improvement and expansion and are now proud to be able to offer their customers a choice of over 120 cars.

The company has been and continues to run successfully out of its office located in the City of Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus. As a company that recognises the importance of moving with the times and keeping up with the advancements in technology, Pacific began to offer their services via the Internet. Since 1999 Pacific have been offering their car hire services online, a move that gave them access to a wider market and helped to push them to the forefront of the industry.

Pacific Rent-a-Car delivers to every city and port in North Cyprus as well as to Ercan Airport. The cars provided are well serviced and properly maintained and all cars added to the fleet are bought brand new, rather than second hand to help ensure that customer satisfaction is met. Pacific is currently working closely alongside dozens of companies both locally and internationally. 

Pacific Mission Statement

Pacific Rent-a-Car aims to continue to provide a top quality service to each and every customer, whether old or new and aims to increase the number of happy customers we deal with on a daily basis. We intend to do this through meeting and exceeding customer expectations and requirements and providing complete customer satisfaction. Pacific is aware that it is not only the condition of the car but also the service provided that is important and aim to build new and strengthen existing customer relationships. At Pacific Rent-a-Car, we don’t only provide the car we provide the complete service.