Additional Driver

North Cyprus Car Hire: Additional Drivers
With North Cyprus car rental from Pacific Rent A Car, you can have up to 3 different drivers on your rental car policy at no extra cost. We don't charge extra for additional drivers, unlike other car rental companies in Cyprus, because we think extra drivers are a good idea!

Why Have Extra Drivers for North Cyprus Car Hire
We know that when you are on holiday in North Cyprus, you might like to share the driving with others in your party, so you can have a glass of wine or a cool beer and not worry! An extra driver or two also allows others to enjoy driving whilst you sit back and enjoy the scenery for a change, or you can relax by the villa pool and they can drive down to the supermarket to buy lunch for a change!

North Cyprus Car Hire Additional Driver Requirements
At Pacific Rentals, we won't charge extra for additional drivers so long as:
• each extra driver for the hire car has a valid driving licence*
• every additional driver is aged 25 or over

Each additional driver must show their driving licence, that's both the paper and plastic parts for UK drivers, and their passports to our car hire representatives at time of hiring. The names of all additional drivers must appear on the car rental policy document, so you are all insured.

Car Hire Delivery: Like Another Free Driver!
If you want a hire car for just part of your holiday in North Cyprus, we can deliver a hire car to any location in Northern Cyprus. We drive it to you, and we'll collect it too, so you don't have to drive any more than you want to.

** Did you know that the plastic photo card part of a UK licence expires every ten years? See our blog on "Keeping Your Photo Licence Up To Date" ( for more details!

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