Popular Pacific Cars

As part of Pacific Rent A Car’s recent expansion programme, we’ have now added 20 new cars to our substantial fleet of cars for hire in North Cyprus, which takes the grand total to 140! We take great pride in our vehicles and only invest in brand new cars, to ensure customer safety and satisfaction at all times.

The Fiat Punto is the perfect North Cyprus hire car if all you want to do is pop down to the beach, to the shops, to the local restaurant or bars, in fact, just pop almost anywhere!

The Ford Fiestas in our Pacific Rent A Car fleet are amongst the youngest cars we have, being in average only one year old. So, at first glance, you might not recognize their sleek lines and designer curves, if you remember the old 'boxy' Fiestas of old! The new Ford Fiestas incorporate Ford's ‘kinetic' design principle, so they look just as good parked in your North Cyprus hotel car park as they do on the road.

The Hyundai Getz has the sleek styling and interior comfort you'd expect from a modern car, and at Pacific Rent A Car, we offer a choice of manual or automatic gearbox. If you're just planning to travel short distances in North Cyprus, or are based around Kyrenia, you probably will prefer the manual models. If you want to explore more of North Cyprus, the automatic model is often more relaxing to drive.

Ford Focus is a great family-sized rental car for North Cyprus holidays, and none of our cars are over 4 years old, so they run like a dream! You can choose from a manual or an automatic gearbox, whichever you prefer, although if you are staying in the mountain areas, we find European drivers usually prefer a manual.

Hyundai Matrix hire cars are all under 2 years old, so they haven't lost any of their performance or good looks. Unlike other older North Cyprus hire cars, the seating is adjustable for both the front and back seats, so everyone can sit comfortable inside.

Opel Astra rental cars are all manuals, and none are over 4 years old. Thanks to their good handling and performance, we find that couples and families alike enjoy hiring an Opel Astra for a week or more in North Cyprus. Whether you want to explore the mountains, cruise along the coast, or take day trips to the Karpaz Peninsula or Famagusta, the Astra will provide all the power and comfort you'll need.

Suzuki Jimny jeeps for hire are extremely popular during the summer months, so if you want to hire a soft-top jeep in North Cyprus from Pacific Rent A Car, please get your quote and book right now!

Suzuki Vitara 4x4s are the most popular car we hire from June to September, because that's when we take off its winter cover and replace it with a plastic roof to shade you and your passengers while you drive.

Suzuki Vitara hard-topped 4x4 vehicles either have 3 or 5 doors, and both models provide ample room for four adults, or a family of five. The large boot just swallows luggage whole, and the high ride of the Suzuki Vitara allows everyone a great view of the passing countryside.

The Zafira is really a people mover by another name, and with its changeable seats, it can accommodate a wide combination of people, luggage and golf clubs!