Driving Licence

Hiring A Car in North Cyprus: Bring Your Driving Licence!
Yes, it may seem obvious to you, but you do need a complete and valid driving licence to hire a car in North Cyprus! For UK driving licences you must show both the paper and plastic card parts of your licence, if you have both.

Original Driving Licences, Not Photocopies
When you collect your hire car from us either at Ercan airport, our offices, or have it delivered to your holiday accommodation, we must see your original driving licence, not a photocopy. (No North Cyprus car hire company can accept a photocopied licence by law.) You will also need to bring your passport, and not a photocopy of it.

Hire a Car in North Cyprus: Valid Driving Licences Only
Your driving licence must be valid for the time you wish to hire a car from Pacific Rent a Car, not just at the time you book the car rental. Please check in case your licence might have expired before you leave for North Cyprus, or during your stay.

UK Driving Licences: Is Your Photocard Valid?
Many UK drivers visiting North Cyprus do not realise that your UK driving licence photocard is only valid for ten years. This is so that you photo can be updated as you get older (sorry about that!). Whilst your paper licence will usually be valid to aged 70, the plastic photo card has an expiry date of 10 years after it was issued.

If you look on the plastic card, your photocard expiry date is the date shown next to 4b (4a is the issue date). Even if you have changed address and had a new photocard issued, the expiry date is still ten years from the date your original photocard was issued, which could be as early as 1998.  For more details, see our blog: https://www.pacific-rentals.com/blog/2009/09/keeping-your-photo-license-up-to-date.html.

International Driving Licences

You do not need an International driving licence to drive in North Cyprus - just bring your national driver's licence.