Hire a Car in North Cyprus: Bring Your Passport

To hire a car in North Cyprus, you will need to show both your driving licence and your passport when you collect your hire car. If you do not have both a valid driving licence and a valid passport, and are aged 25 or over, we cannot hire you a car in North Cyprus.

In order that you are properly insured, Pacific Rent A Car will need to see your original passport, not a copy of it, so we can check your identity and your age. This is a legal requirement for all drivers, including any additional drivers you wish to add to your car rental agreement. All passports and licences must be shown when you first hire the car, as all additional drivers must be noted on the car rental agreement document, for them to be insured.

How clear is Your Passport?

Passports are very important documents, but they are prone to becoming dog-eared, creased, and don't like getting wet much either! So, the important page with the details may get creased, or the lettering obscured by creases or watermarks. If this has happened to your passport, we strongly advise you to get a new one so that all the details are legible. The customs officers at both the UK and North Cyprus borders are much more fussy than us about being able to read the details properly!

Keeping Your Passport Safe on Holiday in North Cyprus

Once you have hired your car in North Cyprus from Pacific Rent A Car, we suggest you lock your passport in your hotel room safe, hotel main safe or villa wall safe until you need it again. DO NOT leave your passport in your North Cyprus hire car; it is not secure enough for such an important document.

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