Ercan Airport Drop Off Instructions

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Car Hire in North Cyprus: Drop Off Hire Cars at Ercan Airport
Dropping off your North Cyprus hire car at Ercan Airport could not be easier! At Ercan airport, there is no special area reserved for North Cyprus car hire companies in the car park. So, all North Cyprus car rental firms use the main car park to both park and collect their rental cars.

How to Drop off Your Hire Car at Ercan Airport
At the end of your North Cyprus holiday, allow at least ten minutes extra to drop off your Pacific Rent A Car hire car. No need to top up the petrol tank either - just leave it as near empty as you can if you took our 20 GBP option, or at the same level you found it for the 'leave it as you got it' option. (No refund will be given for unused fuel.)

1. Drive into the airport car park through the gate and take a ticket - no payment is required.

2. Find a parking space and park your car.

3. Take out ALL your luggage and personal possessions from the car boot and the car itself. Make sure you double-check any car door pockets and the glove box too, and then check under the seats.

4. Check you have all your tickets, passports and other travel documents in your hand luggage, and not left them on the dashboard (believe us, it happens...).

5. For hard top cars, when you are 100% certain that the car is completely empty of your possessions, lock the boot, and shut all the windows apart from a side window slide, or leave a small gap at the top of the passenger side window. Lock the car doors and then drop the keys through the open window gap into the car. We have spare keys for all our cars, and will open the car using our keys.

6. If you have hired a jeep or soft top 4x4 from us, then open the lockable box on the dashboard, turn the key to lock it, and then put the keys inside. Shut the box to lock the keys inside; we'll open the box with our own set of spare keys.

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