Ayse Berkcan - Allocation ManagerAyse Berkcan - Allocation and Customer Support Manager

Ayse has an interesting history with Pacific Rentals and has been working with the company since 2003.She started off as an assistant before taking time off to study Computer Science at the University of Wolverhampton in the UK.Upon graduation Ayse returned to Pacific,taking up her role as Allocation and Customer Support Manager.

Amongst the numerous aspects of the job that Ayse favours, one of the things that she enjoys the most about her work is meeting different people from all over the world.

Rose - Reservation ManagerRose - Reservation Manager

Rose graduated from Girne American University in Business Management. Then she started working at KKTCELL as a customer care representative where she stayed for 3.5 years. She loves to travel and experience new cultures.

Daria Denisova - PR ManagerDaria Denisova - Designer/PR manager

Daria has been living in North Cyprus since 2010 and has no trouble demonstrating how absolutely in love she is with the country. Just a couple of years later, Daria joined the team at Pacific in 2012 and so far is thoroughly enjoying her work with the company.

Fulfilling her role as Designer and PR manager has Daria updating the website and profiles of the company as well as designing materials for customers.She also helps out Kim with enquiries,bookings and car deliveries.

Salahi Berkcan - Service and Maintenance manager

A change in direction saw Salahi make the transition from his previous experiences as a high school teacher to a Service and Maintenance Manager for Pacific.

Salahi has helped Pacific to rise to the top of the industry through providing one of the best car hire services in North Cyprus. His technical expertise makes him a valuable member of the team, as he is responsible for maintaining the ideal state of each of our vehicles. This helps to ensure that all of our customers enjoy every single minute in their hired car.

Vural Vurur - AccountantVural Vurur – Accountant

Vural graduated in Industrial Engineering from the Eastern Mediterranean University. He has great skills and is known to be an absolute master of precision. Vural’s prior experience before starting at Pacific includes serving as a manufacturing manager in a glass factory.

Upon starting at Pacific, Vural was originally involved in customer support but has since transitioned and is currently dealing with all accountancy related jobs.