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Car Hire In North Cyprus: Zero Excess

Unlike many other car rental companies in North Cyprus, we offer a zero excess on all our insurance policies. The excess on a policy is the amount you would have to pay towards any damage sustained to the car while it was hired to you, and it's a system sadly abused by unscrupulous hire car companies the world over. You return the car, and suddenly there's a scratch or bump that 'wasn't there before', and wasn't noted on your car hire policy car diagram. Once you are home, your credit card is billed for 100s of pounds, usually a figure that is remarkably close to the upper limit of your excess.

With international car hire companies in Cyprus, excesses can be as much as USD$800. However, we here at Pacific Rent A Car think such car hire excess charges are unfair and unnecessary, so we pay more for the car insurance policies we hold, so we don't have to charge you an excess at all.

This means that if you have an accident in any of our North Cyprus hire cars, and it's not your fault, you don't have to pay any excess towards the cost of the repair of the car or anyone else's car, however damaged it may be.

So, you don't need to inspect your North Cyprus hire car and note any damage with us before your rental, saving you time better spent driving to your holiday accommodation. Also, we don't need to inspect any car when you return it either, so you don't spend 20 minutes examining your hire car again, when you could be checking in for your flight from North Cyprus home.

North Cyprus Car Hire - 'No Excess' Exceptions

OK, there are a couple of exceptions, but nothing major! The nil excess does not cover damage to the tyres on your North Cyprus hire car, but the good news is that the glass is covered, so often exempted from other zero excess deals. Also, if after an accident you as the driver are found to be negligent (i.e. at fault), the other party's property is covered to a maximum of £15,000.

IMPORTANT: If you are found to be intoxicated when driving, or at the scene of an accident, your insurance will be invalid. Don't drink and drive in North Cyprus.

For North Cyprus car hire with no excess, book online with Pacific Rent A Car.