October 2008

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Driving During The Rainy Season In North Cyprus

North Cyprus doesn’t usually get a lot of rain, and during the rainy season the 402mm it does get can make driving hazard. Even though this number is lower than the Mediterranean average, caution is best used when driving. Roads in North Cyprus tend to be very dusty thanks to the lack of rain throughout most of the year. When it does rain, however, the roads get slippery when the dust mixes with the rain. Add to it the cooler weather, drivers in North Cyprus should be very careful driving during the rainy season, especially during the first rainfall.
For the most part, visitors to North Cyprus usually do not have to worry about rain unless they are in the country during the winter rainy season which can start as early as November and go through as late as February. Winters are cold with January and February being the coldest months, although the island is blessedly free from frost and snow unless you are visiting the Troodos Mountain range in the south(Customers who use Pacific Rental car hire in northern Cyprus are restricted to the area and may not take the car hire company’s vehicles beyond the demarcation line into South Cyprus despite news reports to the contrary).
When you are driving in North Cyprus, especially if you are from a country that is not used to driving on the left hand side of the road, you are going to want to be very careful driving in the rain. Most of the roads are well surfaced and comply with international traffic requirements, but the road surfacing, especially in cooler weather, can make the roads as dangerous as if they were covered with snow and ice found in other places. The roads that lead into the most remote places on the island, such as the minor roads around cities and up into the mountainous areas and forests are still mostly unpaved. While the residents attempt to keep them in good to fair condition, they can still be hazardous. During the rainy season, because the rain can be torrential for a brief time, the back roads can get extremely muddy very fast.
Always keep your speed at the post limit or lower to avoid hydroplaning on paved surfaces or possibly hitting a patch of black ice if the temperature is low enough. Make sure you use your windshield wipers at all times, and make sure you turn on your lights so other cars can visibly see you. If you must travel one of the unpaved side roads, try to do it in a four wheel drive. Avoid any standing water as it may be hiding deep and dangerous pot holes and to manage your way through any mud. Use common sense when driving and remain safe.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Importance Of Having A Baby Seat In Your Hired Car in North Cyprus

Whenever you travel with a small child you always want to make sure that you have the proper child safety car seat with you for your infant to travel in, or make arrangements to have one provided for you at your destination. Today, many car hire companies will provide you with a child safety seat if you notify them ahead of time, usually when you make the vehicle reservations. In most countries, child safety seats are the rule and not the exception. When traveling to North Cyprus, all children under the age of 5 years old are required by law to sit in the back of the motor vehicles and be secured in a proper child safety seat. It is against the law to allow children 5 and under to travel in the front seat. Children from age 5 to 10 may sit in the front only if they have been provided with a booster seat for use with the adult seatbelt, or if a child’s seatbelt has been fitted to them.

Children 5 and under who are not properly secured in a child safety seat during an accident could get severely injured. As gruesome as it sounds, their little bodies could be thrown around the vehicle causing bone breaks, concussions, and other injuries far worse without even considering the fact that they could be killed. A child safety seat secures the infant and offers them a protective barrier of sorts. This is one of the reasons why parents are told to place the seat in the rear facing position and in the middle of the back seat. Additionally, if your child has graduated to a forward facing child seat, using the additional restraining strap helps keep the seat in place should the seat belt fail and the car seat come loose.

If your car hire company cannot provide you with a child safety seat for the duration of your trip, then it is advisable to bring one with you. Most airlines will also accept them for use with their smaller passengers.

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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Nissan Sunny - An inexpensive vehicle that is more family friendly

If our economical Suzuki Samurai 4x4 does not meet your needs and you want to hire an inexpensive vehicle that is more family friendly, they our Nissan Sunny is the car for you. Like our Samurai’s our Sunny’s are between 6 and 8 years old, but we keep them in excellent condition so that you never have to worry about a thing when visiting North Cyprus. This little car can seat five people comfortably and afford you the luxury of having air conditioning without having to spend extra money on the car hire price. It is also perfect for visitors to Cyprus who have traveled across the island before and just need something that can get them around town. It is also great for extended stays in the country when you need a reliable and cheap car.
Our Nissan Sunny’s have a large boot so you will never have to worry about arranging the luggage to fit in the car. Each of them has power steering, central locking, airbags, and ABS equipped standard on them. A few of our models come with hand crank front windows, but most of the ones in our stable have electric front windows. They come in manual or automatic and use unleaded petrol only.
If you know that you will be visiting North Cyprus and will need an economical family car, book one of our Nissan Sunny’s via our online portal as soon as possible. These are the cheapest saloon cars we hire out and they go fast during peak tourist season.

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Friday, 3 October 2008

The Best Family Car - Hyundai Matrix

The Hyundai Matrix is the newest addition to the ‘comfort section’ of vehicles we offer in our rental fleet. We added 10 of these five seat hatchbacks to our line in February 2008 and they are all between one and two years old. As with all of the other vehicles in our fleet, our Matrixes are kept in fine working condition so that you do not have to worry about your rental car breaking down while visiting North Cyprus. Perfect for a family of five – three adults and two children – these cars have plenty of room in the boot for your luggage. They are also roomy enough to accommodate a child’s car seat and we can provide one if you need one. When you book your reservation, make sure you request one as we have a limited number available.
Our Matrixes come with power steering, manual and automatic transmissions, electric front windows, central locking, airbags, and ABS system. All of them use unleaded petrol and these four cylinder vehicles are economical on gas, making them the perfect vehicle to rent when travelling through the countryside with the family or just driving in town. They are inexpensive to rent and are the solution you have been looking for to save money while on vacation.
The Hyundai Matrix is one of the most popular car rentals in our fleet. If you know when you will be visiting the country, make sure you book your Hyundai Matrix early. During peak tourist season, we can’t keep them on lot.