November 2008

Monday, 10 November 2008

Mobile Phone Use While Driving Is A No-No

Using a mobile phone while driving in North Cyprus – and pretty much anywhere in the world lately – is prohibited by law unless you are using what is referred to as a ‘hands free’ unit. A hands free unit could be a headset plugged into the mobile phone that allows you to keep both hands on the wheel or even a blue tooth wireless headset that works the same way. Anything that allows you to drive down the road with both hands available is acceptable.
You have probably seen many people driving down the road holding onto their mobile phone and chattering away without a care in the road. You could even be guilty of doing it yourself. While some countries want to ban mobile phone use in a vehicle all together because it is considered a distraction, they would have to consider banning listening to the radio or talking with other passengers as well. All of these things can be considered distractions, but trying to ban them is next to impossible.
If you are going to use your mobile phone while driving, do it safely. Try to only use it for a brief moment so that your concentration isn’t divided for very long. Always use a hands free method of talking. If you do not have a head set for your mobile phone, you could place your phone on speakerphone for the length of time your need to speak. Holding your mobile phone and speaking while driving is not worth the fine you will receive if you are pulled over by the authorities.

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