February 2009

Thursday, 5 February 2009

#2 in Cyprus44’s hot spots for 2009 is Esentepe in North Cyprus

What is the deal?
The village of Esentepe is surrounded by the Kyrenia Mountains, and thanks to the breezes this high up visitors love it during the summer months. It doesn’t get too hot there, making it comfortable and perfect for walking around this idyllic area of North Cyprus. The mountains offer some wonderful forests that you can hike in and explore, and even though it is nestled in the mountains the village is still close enough to the shore line for tourists to bask on the sandy beaches as the Mediterranean laps gently on the shore. There are plenty of historic places to visit, such as the domed Antiphontis Church, and the restaurants offer plenty of eating choices ranging from traditional to continental dishes.
What are other holiday makers saying?
Based on the comments on Cyprus44’s forum, visitors here enjoy the beach, hiking in the mountains and unblemished forests, and taking in a great round of golf at the newly opened Esentepe Golf Course and Country Club. The village’s restaurants serve local foods such as kebab with meze, and people insist that visitors try out this dish for a true Cypriot experience.
How do I get there?
Visitors can reach the village of Esentepe by arriving via boat or yacht at the Kyrenia port or flying into Ercan Airport which is the only airport located in North Cyprus. North Cyprus Car hire is one of the car hire places that will deliver your rental car to the airport and have it waiting for you if you are planning on driving through North Cyprus during your stay.