December 2008

Sunday, 28 December 2008

North Cyprus Trip by Car Part 4

Client Testimonial: My Trip To Cyprus – Day Four: Famagusta
Two more days in North Cyprus before I go home and today I left Karpaz and drove to Famagusta.From Famagusta I tool a short drive to Salamis which was once a very important city in Cyprus. I love old Roman ruins like this and the entire site is about 5 kilometres all together. I spent the rest of the day checking out the entire site, seeing the gymnasium with its columns and headless and appendage less statues, the theatre and the bath. The entire complex is impressive because it is one of the most complete Roman ruins to ever be excavated in Europe.
The sun was starting to set as I made it back into the city proper and I had enough time to visit Othello’s Citadel. This attraction is the most famous part of the wall that surrounds Famagusta, and while Shakespeare never made it to Cyprus he probably had heard tales about the island and its inhabitants during the time of his play and shaped them around that. You can see quite a way over the ocean and city from the Citadel.
Tomorrow I travel to the Lefke area and then back to Ercan Airport to go home. The last four days have gone very fast.