April Car Hire Statistics in North Cyprus

April month statistics of car hire in North Cyprus from the software of our firm.



Saloon Cars
Soft Top Jeeps
Hard Top Jeeps
7 Seaters

How shall I read the chart?
It's very simple! Lets take Nissan Sunny as an example.
Nissan Sunny has been hired 14 percent in April. It is the second popular car in April. The weather was warm, they needed an air-conditioned car. The leader brand of March is Suzuki Vitara Soft Top. Warm weather is pushing people to hire a open top cars to get fresh air. Renault 9 took the 3rd place; "it's not too hot so let's hire a cheap car" on the other hand, there is no demand on expensive cars like Opel Astra - Ford Focus and Opel Zafira. You may ask me! Vwagen is expensive car too... 2 persons hired it. Why? Those two persons could not find a Nissan or Toyota available so they had to hire Vwagen.

North Cyprus Car Hire Statistics
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Low Season November - December - January - February - March

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