GuzelyurtHealth Care in North Cyprus
North Cyrus has a good health care system and there are some good hospital and medical centres should you require treatment during your stay.  If you are coming to North Cyprus on holidays there is no requirement for you to have any vaccinations or other medical treatments before you arrive.

In the majority of cases the cost of medication here in North Cyprus is far less than that of the UK but these prices can vary and in some cases you may end up paying almost triple the cost of what you would pay at home so you are advised to check on the prices before you buy anything.

The central state hospital of North Cyprus is located in Nicosia but there are other smaller hospitals too.  These smaller hospitals can be found in Kyrenia, Famagusta, Guzelyurt and Lefke.  There are also a number of medical clinics and these are usually located in the smaller towns and villages.  Medical treatment in hospitals is free of charge so if you are staying in the vicinity of one you should use it.

Private clinics are another option when it comes to health care and there are a number of English speaking doctors who run their own clinics.  Medical treatment in these clinics is not free and can be quite expensive so make sure that you have holiday insurance to cover these costs.

The majority of the time holiday makers experience upset stomachs and this is mainly due to a mixture of too much sun, change in diet, and too much alcohol.  You should try taking Imodium which will quickly relieve this problem.  Insect bites can also cause problems and many people have allergic reactions to these.  Some antihistamine cream should help with this.

Snake bites whilst extremely rare can occur and if this happens you are advised to cover the bite and apply a tourniquet above it and get immediate medical attention.

In order to avoid having to seek medical treatment during your holiday in North Cyprus you should always ensure that you apply a good sun block, wear a hat, and avoid the midday sun during the summer months.  Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids (non-alcoholic) during the day, and eat sensibly.

If you need a pharmacy for anything there is always one open even at night and during the holidays.