North Cyprus Museums

North Cyprus is a wonderful place to visit and if you plan on holidaying here then the museums are a must see.  In order to take in all the sites and see all that North Cyprus has to offer we would advise that you rent a hire car.  We offer a wide range of cars and for sightseeing you can have a cool soft top Suzuki jeep or for family the large and spacious opel zafira 7 seater.

There are a number of museums located around North Cyprus and listed below you will find details of them all.  We will start with the museums in Nicosia.

Nicosia Museums

The Stone Works Museum is located in Lapithos and is actually the only remaining part of a Venetian house that was built in the 15th Century.

The Mevlevi Tekke Museum is in fact that building that is located at the south of the Kyrenia gate.  This building was built at the end of the 16th Century during the Ottoman period and was built by Arap Ahmet Pasha.

Kyrenia Museums

The Kyrenia Museum of Folk Art can be found at Kyrenia harbour and this museum was opened to the public in 1974.  The building itself is a prime example of the pre 17th Century buildings that occupied this area.

The Museum of Public Arts was once an 18th Century house that is located in the Yacht port of Girne.  The museum is home to a number of items that are well worth seeing including olive oil presses, a wooden threshing sled, and primitive ploughs.

The Shipwreck Museum is probably the most famous museum in Kyrenia and here you will find the remains of a ship that was built in 389 BC.  The museum itself is located in Kyrenia castle and here you will also find pieces of anphoras and basalt millstones.

Famagusta Museums

The Canbulat Tomb and Museum is where the body of Bey of Kilis is buried.  He was the provincial governor of the Ottoman Empire and was part of the forces that were going to conquer Cyprus.

The Dungeon and Museum of Namik Kemal is a two story stone dungeon that was built on the ruin of a Venetian Palace.  The dungeon was built during the Ottoman era.  The museum of Namik Kemal is dedicated to a distinguished poet.

The St. Barnabas Icon and Archeology Museum is where you will find some amazing icons from the 18th Century.  St. Barnabas Church also has a basalt mill located in the courtyard which is also a must see.

Guzelyurt Musuems

The Guzelyurt Musuem of Archaeology and Nature was once the Metropolit building.  In 1974 however it became a museum that houses a wide range of cultural objects that have been found throughout Cyprus.

Yeni Iskele Museums

The Icon Museum of Iskele is located in the village of Trikomo and this church was built during the 11th Century.  The church itself was built on a single platform and has a single dome with indented arches in the side walls.

As you can see, there are a large number of museums that you can visit during your stay in North Cyprus and by having a rental car you will be able to visit them all at your leisure.