Ercan Airport to Kyrenia

north cyprus directionDirections from Ercan Airport to Kyrenia

There is only one airport in Northern Cyprus and that is Ercan Airport. As your plane glides over the runway you will find yourself on the glamorous island of Cyprus.  You'll be in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.  Many beautiful and exotic sights await you. It is a 35km trip from Ercan Airport to Kyrenia and with the help of a hire car this can be a pleasant journey.  We can arrange to meet you with at the airport with your hire car.

The reasons for using a car hire vehicle are:

  • It is too hot to walk

  • There are many places to explore, places that buses cannot take you to

  • It saves time for the tourists allowing them to do more site seeing.

  • It provides flexibility in planning their activities

You will find good driving conditions between Ercan Airport and Kyrenia. Since Cyprus was a part of Britain at one time, the driving habits are similar to those in the UK. You will drive on the left side of the road for example.

Parking lots are called oto lots. You can park anywhere there are no black and white lines drawn on the curb. As you drive you will see flashing amber lights on very high poles. This signal means you are coming up to traffic lights. The traffic signs are written in Turkish but easy to read which means they include pictures.

You must grow accustomed to other drivers neglecting to use their signal lights when they make a turn. Always use extra caution. The penalties for driving while intoxicated are severe with an on-the-spot fines are given to the offending driver.

If this is your first trip to North Cyprus it may be a little confusing for you to find directions to your destination so to make things easier for you we have provided detailed directions below.

Once you leave the exit from the airport you will come to a small roundabout.  You will need to go straight through this and continue until you come to a petrol station which will be located on your right hand side.  After the petrol station you will find a large roundabout.  You need to take the left exit to Kyrenia.  Make sure you take the left exit at this roundabout because if you take the right you will end up in Famagusta.

Once you have taken the left exit you need to continue straight until you come to an Opel show room which will be on your left hand side.  It should take you approximately 15 minutes to get from the roundabout to here and this will include three sets of traffic lights that you will have to pass through.  Some things that you should see during this time are a Hyundai showroom to the right, a Fiat showroom to the left, and a football stadium.

Once you have passed by the Opel showroom the next thing you will come to is another roundabout.  This roundabout will have a VW showroom to the west.  Here you will be taking the right exist which will take you towards the mountains heading in a northward direction.  Keep going north until you reach Kyrenia.