North Cyprus Transportation

car hire north cyprus Transportation in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is an amazing place to visit with so much to see and do; because of this the best way to travel is to hire a rental car. If you are travelling from the UK or Ireland, driving will be just the same as being at home.The speed restrictions are in kilometres and Cypriots drive on the left hand side of the road too.

Traffic Rules in North Cyprus

Filter systems are in place and these are indicated by the traffic lights constantly flashing on red or amber.Slow down if you see amber flashing lights on a high pole as this indicates that you are approaching traffic lights.

North Cyprus Drink-Drive Laws

In North Cyprus there are very strict drink driving regulations and if caught,you will receive a very large on the spot fine. These drink drive laws are very similar to those in England, so if you do have a hire car we advise that you don't drink or take a taxi for nights out and use the car for daytime travel.

Parking in North Cyprus

Restricted parking areas in North Cyprus are marked with black and white painted curbstones. These work the same as double yellow lines, and there may also be a 'no parking' sign. Otherwise you can generally park your North Cyprus rental car wherever you see an available space. In North Cyprus, car parks are called Oto Parks.

Northern Cyprus Road Signs

In North Cyprus road signs are worded in Turkish, but most signs are easily recognizable.Indicators are not widely used, so you should always be aware of the car in front of you as they can turn at any moment. Car horns are frequently used so you will get very used to the sound of these!As with driving in any country, if you obey the rules of the road while driving your hire car from Pacific Rent A Car, you will be fine.

Getting Around North Cyprus

In North Cyprus, drivers drive on the left hand side,this is due to the fact that the island was once a colony of Britain.If you are using car rental in North Cyprus we advise that you choose a model that has the steering wheel on the right hand side. This is not just for comfort but for safety as well and it makes driving in North Cyprus much easier.If you are travelling from the UK or Ireland this will be normal for you, and it will feel like driving at home.

Bus Services

Public transport is available, and most towns are served by inexpensive bus services. These buses run quite frequently during the day but come 7pm it can be very hard to find one. So, if you are spending the day visiting the sites of North Cyprus you need to make sure that you get a bus back in time for dinner! Of course, if you have car rental in North Cyprus from Pacific Rent A Car, you won't need to worry about this, of course, you can just drive home via a lovely local restaurant and arrive home whenever you like!

Bus routes in major towns are privately leased from the government.Buses are not standardised and come in all shapes and sizes, the most common of which are white mini buses, known locally as dolmus.The front of the windscreen will show you the destination of the bus, and to stop them all you have to do is stand at the bus stop or flag the bus down anywhere along the route.There are no timetables for these buses and they do not go to the majority of the tourists attractions in North Cyprus, tending to just run between the main towns and villages.

Taxi Services in North Cyprus

Taxis are another option when it comes to transportation in North Cyprus.Rural taxi charges are reasonable, but it is wise to agree on a price with your taxi driver before you set off on your journey.There are no meters in rural taxis and these taxis can only be found at designated taxi stands. If your holiday hotel or villa is not near a taxi rank, it might be better book car hire online before you arrive in North Cyprus, and drive yourself there from Ercan airport.

Shared taxi services are also available in North Cyprus and if you and a group of other people are travelling to the same destination you can share the fare. This is very common in North Cyprus and is widely operated.

Urban taxis provide a 24-hour service and these taxis are equipped with meters.The price you will pay for your fare begins as soon as you enter your taxi so make sure you know exactly where you want to go.You can book your taxi by phone or hire it from their base station.

North Cyprus Car Rental

There is so much to see and do while visiting North Cyprus that car hire is by far the best option when it comes to getting around.We at Pacific Rent A Car offer a wide range of rental cars and there is a model to suit everyone.If you plan on visiting many of the ancient monuments and sites, then a topless Suzuki jeep might be just the thing for you.If it's day trips to the beach or a round of golf, then a large boot is necessary,so hire a Opel Zafira from Pacific Rent A Car, and fit everything adn everyone in!

Our rates for car hire in North Cyprus are extremely competitive. You will need to be 21 or over to hire a car and you can do this in advance via the booking form here on our website.You can pick your rental car up at Ercan airport or we can meet you at your North Cyprus hotel. It is worth noting, that you cannot take any North Cyprus rental car into southern Cyprus.You can drive as far as the border, but you must then park and walk across.

Walking Holidays in North Cyprus

As with any country, walking is always an option when it comes to getting around.The best times for walking in North Cyprus are the spring and early summer, and October and November, as the weather is cooler. The mountains have lots of trails and make an excellent location for an enjoyable day out. You will of course need your hire car to get to the mountains first!

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