North Cyprus Shopping

North Cyprus Shopping

No holiday is complete without a spot of local shopping and in North Cyprus there is a lot to offer. It is advisable to invest in North Cyprus cheap car rental if you plan on spending one of your days shopping, and make sure you've got plenty of boot space for your purchases! North Cyprus has a wide choice of both international brand shops and local traders, and there are also markets where you can purchase locally produced products.

Wine and Beer in North Cyprus

All the supermarkets and small stores stock a selection of wines and spirits and these are available at very low cost.The average price of a local bottle of brandy is approximately 1.10 GBP!You'll find a range of local wines, and it's well worth putting a few bottles of these into your hire car boot to try back at your North Cyrus holiday villa or apartment. Most Turkish Cypriots drink Efes beer, a popular Turkish brand with a long history and a great reputation.

VAT is known as KDV and this is applied at a rate of between 2% and 20%.Alcohol and cigarettes are very cheap but make sure that you remember to check what your allowance is if you plan to take any home, as North Cyprus is not part of the EU. Also, do not take any alcohol or cigarettes across the border into south Cyprus, as they are liable to be confiscated on the Greek side.

And, of course, never drink and drive your North Cyprus hire car (or any other car either!). The drink drive laws are strictly enforced in North Cyprus, so if you want to drink, let someone else drive, or take a taxi.

Food Shopping in North Cyprus

Most villages have a small food store or supermarket, and Astro and Lemar are the names of the two supermarket chains in North Cyprus. If you are staying self-catering, it's makes sense to hire a car in North Cyprus and drive to one of these two larger supermarkets, as prices are cheaper and there is a wider selection of items. Stock up on bottled water while you have the hire car too.

Shopping in Kyrenia and Nicosia, North Cyprus

If you want to spend a day shopping, the best towns are Kyrenia and Nicosia, where you will find the best selection of shops.  Fake designer clothing is very popular in North Cyprus, but buyers should make sure to check the quality and price, as these differ from shop to shop.Most shops will sell the latest in fashion trends and you can also get a wide range of accessories.Childrens clothing is also popular too and the best shop for this is Little Angels in Kyrenia.

Jewelry Shopping in North Cyprus

Gold and silver is also very popular and the prices are great too.Most of the major town shops will stock a wide range of designs.Gold and silver are normally weighed before they are sold and each store you come across will have plenty for you to choose from including different shapes, sizes, and gem stones.If you are looking for stylish jewelry at affordable prices, then its well worth driving your hire car to the Erdal Jewellery and Silver store in Nicosia.

Bazaars in North Cyprus

Bazaars are another great way to shop and these stores have everything you could wish for.They stock a wide range of Turkish pottery, silk, cushion covers, ornaments, and scarves.  You will find bazaars in almost every town and village in North Cyprus.Basketry can be a little expensive, and do remember that while that lovely basket might fit easily into the boot of your hire car from Pacific Rent A Car, it might not fit so well into your suitcase....The best place to shop for wicker goods is in North Nicosia and the village of Edremit.

Buying Antiques in Northern Cyprus

Junk and Antique dealers can be found in Nicosia and Famagusta, and they usually deal in old copper and household wares.A large number of the products sold in North Cyprus are imported from Turkey, including textiles, carpets, and ceramics.

North Cyprus Markets

Markets are found in the major cities of North Cyprus including Nicosia, Kyrenia, and Famagusta.Locals normally refer to them as bazaars and here you will find stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables, cheap clothes, souvenirs, household goods, shoes, and handicrafts. With car hire in North Cyprus, you can easily visit a different market every day during your stay, and they are great places to stock up on fresh local produce to cook in your holiday villa kitchen.

The best market to visit is the one located in North Nicosia (Lefkosa), on the pedestrians street known as Arasta Sokagi.This is located in North Nicosia’s main shopping area. Here you can buy almost anything but the most popular items are jeans, clothing, and souvenirs. The market is open from Monday to Friday from 6am to 3pm and on Saturdays from 6am to 1pm. Again, with cheap car hire from Pacific Rent A Car, you can drive here and load the car with bargains galore.

There are also markets in Kyrenia and Famagusta.The Kyrenia municipal market is open every Wednesday and this is located behind the bus terminal.The Acik Cuma Pazari market in Famagusta is open every Friday and is located between the bus terminal and the Lemar store.

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