North Cyprus Internet

Internet connection in North Cyprus is limited and the two options that are available are dial-up connection and wireless connection. At present there is no cable, wifi, or dsl. So, it's best to book your car rental from Pacific Rent A Car online before you leave home, to benefit from our 15% online booking discount.

Accessing the Internet in North Cyprus
The best way to access the internet in North Cyprus is through your hotel's internet service, with wifi offered by some larger hotels.If you are in a holiday villa or apartment,then a quick drive in your North Cyprus hire car to Kyrenia, Famagusta or Nicosia provides you with a choice of internet cafes. Cafes rates are about 1 TL per session (usually an hour). Alternatively, find a hotel that offers free wifi, take your laptop with you when you drive there in your North Cyprus hire car, and sit and browse while having a coffee in the hotel lobby!

Dial-Up Connections In North Cyprus
There are 4 major internet service providers in North Cyprus that you can choose from;Superonline, Comtech, LedraNet,AnalizComputer, and Mahir, all based in Nicosia.All of these company offer you dial-up connection to the internet although the speeds at which they offer this can vary.You can get dial up speeds of 41kbps but this will depend on usage etc.It is likely that you will get 4kbps 5kbps for your downloads and uploads, so if you are used to the speed of broadband at home this will seem extremely slow.

All of the companies are connected through the local telephone company, but three of the companies also use satellite dish connection too.These companies are Superonline, LedraNet, and Comtech, and by using their own connection sources they are able to offer backup services in case of any failure between the phone company and their offices.LedraNet currently also offer lease lines and they are working on bringing in ADSL connections too.

Wireless Internet Connection In North Cyprus
There are three main internet service providers in North Cyprus that offer wireless connection and these are, NetHouse Networks which is based in both Nicosia and Famagusta, Rflex located in Nicosia, and Extend Broadband which is located in Kyrenia.

Extend Broadband offers its customers wireless connection to the internet at speeds of 128kbps to 8192kbps.The base speed of this wireless internet connection is 128kbps for downloads and approximately 16kbps for uploads. Extend Broadband is run by AyzaNet and they plan to increase their base speed to 512kbps for downloads and 64kbps for uploads.They are also planning to offer dedicated plans to their customers which will give them a base speed of 128kbps for both uploads and downloads.They also have plans to create a number of wifi hotspots around North Cyprus in the near future, very useful if you are touring North Cyprus in a hire car and need to surf the net on your smart phone or laptop from your North Cyrus hire car.

Multimax is another wireless internet company in North Cyprus and they offer connection speeds of 128kbps to 8192kbps.Their base speed is 128kbps for downloads and 16kbps for uploads.

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