North Cyprus Car Hire Statistics

Monthly statistics of car hire from the software of our firm.

Finding the right car is so important for travel makers. This page has designed for you to analyze the monthly statistic of our car rentals. You will see the monthly links below and from the list you can view any month you wish to analyze.

For example: Mr. and Mrs. White are planning to come to North Cyprus on March and they are not sure which car is the best for March, then they open the statistic page of Pacific Rentals and click on March. They got the answers of all their questions. They were wondering that what kind of car other travel makers hired in last year in March? They got the answer!

Statistics will help you to understand, the weather conditions of each month in Cyprus because demand on cars depends on the weather conditions. For instance, in August there is high demand on Nissan Sunny, Toyota Corolla or Ford Focus. Why? because August is the hottest month of a year and those cars are air-conditioned cars. In low-season travel makers book normally cheaper cars like Renault 9 because there is no need for air-condition. They are saying that we do not want to pay more for something we will not use much. Another example; September - we call it the month of open top cars. Suzuki Vitara Soft Top's are favorite car of September.

North Cyprus Car Hire Statistics
High Season July - August - September - October
Mid Season April - May - June
Low Season November - December - January - February - March

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