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Pacific Rental In North Cyprus Adds 10 New Hyundai Matrix

Pacific Rent A Car Launches Their New Blog 

24 August 2008

If you are looking for a car hire company for your visit to North Cyprus and are not sure where to go, then you need to check out the folks at Pacific Rent A Car and their newly launched blog.  Pacific’s blog (www.pacific-rentals.com/blog) is stuffed full of information pertaining to the area and the vehicles that they provide to their customers visiting the country. 
On Pacific’s blog you can find the latest information on the new cars they have added to their fleet of vehicles for hire purposes.  So far they have included information on these 10 new Hyundai Matrix and seven passenger vehicles they have added to their fleet for potential clients to read about, providing informative overviews of the vehicles for comprehensive decision making.  The blog is sure to feature more of these overviews as Pacific adds vehicles to the fleet of rental cars. 
In addition to vehicle overviews, Pacific is also using their blog to keep visitors to the country informed of a variety of different things that could improve their stay.  For example, Pacific provides readers with information on fuel options they offer with their cars for hire as well as information about the different airports in the country, how to get about more efficiently with your hired car, and driving in South Cyprus. 
Pacific Rent A Car is the leading car hire company in North Cyprus.  They offer a wide variety of vehicles to choose from including Opel Zafira’s for families, 4x4’s with or without tops for that truly unique sight-seeing experience, and smaller economy vehicles like the above mentioned Matrix.  They will provide customers with airport pickup and drop off as well as 24 hour road side service in case you should happen to get stuck while travelling between cities on the island. 
With the addition of the blog to Pacific’s site, customers who are planning a trip to North Cyprus will be able to read ahead of time about any news that would be pertinent to their trip.  Whether it is information about the airports, current driving conditions, or simply new offers and specials the company is promoting, the blog will get the information out.  It is the perfect companion to the ‘Latest News’ tab on Pacific’s website. 
Pacific is dedicated to making visitors to the country comfortable with a reliable vehicle to take them wherever they go.  They do remind their clients that vehicles cannot be taken into South Cyprus, as their insurance will not cover any accidents that might happen while there.  This is a big point with Pacific and considering the internal strife that the island country still faces, it is advisable to take public transportation into South Cyprus. 
Additionally, customers who fly into the country and land at any of the major airports in South Cyprus will need to provide their own transportation north.  Pacific offers discounts with partnering companies as well as online booking services for their customer’s convenience.  If you plan to travel to North Cyprus, book the Pacific blog in your favourites so you can keep up to date on the latest news affecting Pacific and possibly your stay on the island.

Ercan Airport Car Park:

7 August 2008

Ercan Airport in North Cyprus, the only airport in the country, has recently announced that parking at the airport was no longer going to be free and that a charge of 5 Turkish Lira (2 Pound Sterling) would be assessed to all cars in the lot.  There was no reason issued with the statement as to why the fee was being assessed.  Currently, all car hire companies are attempting to work out special dispensation with the airport in order to provide service to their customers that include free parking at Ercan. 
The car hires in North Cyprus are available for a decent amount of money and guests can be picked up at the airport by car hire companies or by a taxi and taken to the car hire establishment
Visitors who cannot fly directly into Ercan have the option of catching a connecting flight in Turkey or even taking the ferry boat from Turkey over the island country.  Both provide interesting photo opportunities of the Mediterranean and the island. 
Anyone who flies into South Cyprus’ airports are advised to book a private taxi to pick them up from the airport and take them into North Cyprus to the car hire location of their choice.  Taxis are some of the few vehicles that can easily cross the border with no problems due to their position as being ‘work vehicles’.  From the car hire office, visitors in North Cyprus can then pick up their car hire and continue on.  It is recommended that visitors also book the taxi for the return trip in order to ensure finding one when needed.

Top Tips On Economical Driving From Pacific Rent-A-Car 

2 August 2008

When you visit North Cyprus more than likely you will be hiring a car for all of your driving and touring needs.  Even though not every car hire place will require you to return the vehicle with a full tank of petrol, you can still keep your gasoline expenses down during a time when they are higher than usual.  Here are a few tips on how to drive economically during your visit to North Cyprus and save yourself some extra money, money that could be used for something more enjoyable, like a great meal or something fun to bring home. 
Keep your driving as smooth as possible and do not rev your engine.
You are on vacation, right?  Then there is no need to pull out of a parking spot or away from the curb in a hurry.  Accelerate to the speed limit slowly and smoothly instead of fast as if you were going to a fire.  By pulling into traffic too fast, you can use up to 60% more fuel than by accelerating at a more moderate pace. Additionally, there should be no reason to rev the engine of your hired car.  Revving an engine causes harmful emissions by using more fuel and strains the engine unnecessarily. 
If you are driving a manual transmission vehicle (standard, not automatic), shift efficiently.
Most manual transmission vehicles have a gauge called a tachometer next to the speed gauge.  Keep an eye on the tachometer and shift your gears when the needle is between 1,500 and 2,500 rpm.  More experienced drivers have learned to listen to their engines in order to know when to shift, but this is not always the best method.  Shifting your gears in this range can save up to 15% on fuel and reduce your vehicle’s overall emissions. 
Pay attention to the road, take longer trips, and observe the posted speed limits.
When you are out driving and taking in the scenery North Cyprus offers, make sure you pay attention to the road conditions and the other drivers on the road with you.  This will ensure that you will not need to brake or accelerate in manners that will cause unnecessary fuel consumption.  Try to make your trips worthwhile so that you do not use more gasoline that needed by just going on a short jaunt.  A cold engine uses more fuel – and produces more pollution – than a warm one.  Always observe the country’s posted speed limits.  This helps you concentrate on the road, its conditions, and any potential pedestrians that may be sharing the road with you. 
Always plan your trips ahead of time and conserve fuel on the road and in traffic jams.
When you plan your trips, you can avoid getting stuck in traffic jams and road construction.  You can also avoid getting lost, although sometimes that is fun.  Planning your trip will help you save fuel and provide you with a more relaxing drive through the North Cyprus countryside without being waylaid.  If you should happen to get stuck in a traffic jam for more than just a few minutes, go ahead and shut off your hired car.  This will help conserve your fuel and cut down on exhaust emissions. 
Stay cool and comfortable.
Unless the weather calls for using the air conditioning in your hired car, you can stay cool and comfortable by simply closing your windows, opening up the air vents, and letting the air from outside in to keep you cool.  This can reduce fuel consumption by up to 4%.  If you need to use the air conditioning, use it moderately as it can increase fuel consumption, but is sometimes definitely needed. TOP PAGE

Speed Cameras:

Visitors to North Cyprus may want to make sure that they keep their vehicles well within the posted speed limit on the island or else they may be paying a hefty fine before being allowed to pass through customs at the airport.  Over the last few years North Cyprus authorities have begun installing speed cameras through the country, especially at the many intersections within the city’s themselves in an effort to cut down on speeding and other traffic violations that could lead to accidents. 
Compared to other cities in Europe and the United Kingdom, road traffic in North Cyprus is generally on the light side with congestion being mostly contained to the cities and just outside the towns during rush hour in the mornings and evenings.  Visitors to the country should be aware that turn indicator use is not as prevalent in North Cyprus as elsewhere and they should maintain a safe distance at all times.  Horns are used quite frequently, especially during overtaking and vehicles are not required to stop at pedestrian crossings in North Cyprus. 
Speed limits in the country are posted in kilometres as compared to miles-per-hour.  The rule of thumb in the country is 40km or 25mph in towns and cities, and 65km or 40mph on the outer roads.  The island does have motorways in which the speed limit is slightly higher.  Traffic officers do patrol the motorways and use hand radar guns to measure and regulate the speed on the Cyprus roadways.  Cameras have been installed as mentioned and they do work, much to the contrary opinion of residents in the country.  There are also speed and red light cameras installed in various areas in the larger towns. 
Visitors to the country should also try to be more familiar with some of the other traffic patterns found in North Cyprus.  For example, oncoming traffic will flash their headlights in an effort to warn other motorists that they are coming through and to yield to them in order to prevent an accident.  Additionally, it is not advisable for guests to ride mopeds or motorcycles while in North Cyprus due to the variable conditions of the roadways. 
Guests in North Cyprus should also check with their car hire company and confirm that they will be able to use their hired car in South Cyprus across the demarcation line between the two countries.  Although there are regulations on the books denying entry into South Cyprus with North Cyprus hire cars, recent reports have been indicating that the governments are starting to allow vehicle travel back and forth to accommodate citizens for working purposes and guests for tourism, a very lucrative business in both parts of the island.  Not all car hire companies will allow their vehicles to cross. 
Pacific Rental car hire in North Cyprus is one of the companies that do not allow travel into South Cyprus with their vehicles.  TOP PAGE

Pacific Car Hire Vehicles Must Remain North Cyprus

21 July 2008

Customers who use Pacific Rental car hire in northern Cyprus are restricted to the area and may not take the car hire company’s vehicles beyond the demarcation line into South Cyprus despite news reports to the contrary.  Company sources claimed that political unrest and maintaining insurance coverage in South Cyprus are the reasons behind their decision to limit their customers use. 
Pacific Rental car hire will arrange travel for its customers flying into Larnaca Airport and staying in Kyrenia, North Cyprus.  For an additional thirty-five pounds one way, they will provide customers with a private taxi pickup at the airport that will take them to the Pacific Rental office in Kyrenia.  The driver will be provided with a sign with the customers name on it for easy identification.  Visitors to the island that are flying into the South or staying in South Cyprus will need to contact one of the car hire companies there for car hire arrangements. 
The company does offer free airport service to customers who book their car hire for seven days or more, providing the aforementioned taxi service for free as long as they are provided the flight number, date of arrival, and time of arrival prior to customers arriving in the country. 
Pacific car hire offers their customers a wide choice of vehicle sizes and styles to fit everyone’s needs.  Their service is 24 hours a day with unlimited mileage, oil and greasing prior to delivery, safety belts in all vehicles, and car exchange in the event of a mechanical breakdown.  The vehicles are insured in northern Cyprus, and they do accept all international and national valid drivers’ licenses for customers aged twenty-five and older.  They do not charge for an additional driver’s name to be added to the car hire contract and payment is due upon delivery of the vehicle.  Credit card prepayment is accepted via their website.  Customers who require an infant car seat may request one ahead of time from Pacific Rental as they do carry a limited amount for customer’s use while in the country. 
The car hire company requires a minimum rental time of three days.  Gas is non-refundable and any fines that are incurred during the use of the car hire’s property will be paid by the customer before leaving the country.  Extended use of one of Pacific Rental’s car hire vehicles should be reported to the company as soon as possible so that they can arrange for additional insurance coverage. 
More information about the terms and conditions of North Cyprus car hire can be found on Pacific Rental’s website. TOP PAGE

New Pacific Website!

15 June 2008

Pacific Rent-A-Car, one of the premier car hire companies in North Cyprus, has announced the launch of their brand new website and is inviting anyone wishing to visit North Cyprus to check them out and book their car online through their brand new service.  The new look of the website and the new online booking process has been streamlined and is even more user friendly than the previous version. 
Pacific Rent-A-Car (http://www.pacific-rentals.com) offers their customers a variety of car hire choices while they visit North Cyprus.  Customers can choose from Suzuki Samurai Soft Top 4X4s, Nissan Sunnys; Hyundai Getzs, Suzuki Vitara Soft Tops, Jimny Soft Tops, Hyundai Matrixes, Opel Astra, Ford Focus, and Fiat Grande Punto for their car hire needs.  The newly designed website has pictures of the cars that are offered so customers can see how they are laid out for their use and get an idea if they are going to be big enough. 
The website also offers customers the ability to book their car hire on line in three easy steps.  Customers simply log onto the website, request a quote with their arrival and destination information (date, arrival/destination location, departure) and they are directed to a page with a list of the cars currently available and how much the rental will cost with C.D.W and taxes included.  The customer picks out the vehicle they want, clicks the booking button, and then fills out the booking information before submitting it to the site.  The vehicle is booked and will be waiting for the customer at the destination of their choosing. 
Additional information found on the new website is handy in helping visitors to North Cyprus plan their trips.  There is information on tourist attractions in the major cities and surrounding areas, information on special car hire rates currently being offered, descriptions of the vehicles that are hired out, and more.  Pacific Rent-A-Car is located in Kyrenia, making their service fairly central to all customers and visitors to the country looking for car hire. 
Car hire from Pacific is not allowed in South Cyprus as the company’s insurance carrier does not cover the vehicles or drivers while below the demarcation line. 
Pacific Rent-A-Car can be contacted by e-mail at or by visiting their website at www.pacific-rentals.com.  They can be reached by telephone at:
+90 542 852 1920 between 7:00am and 4:00pm UK time.  International callers need to use the same number except replace the + prefix with the appropriate country code. The company prefers to be contacted via e-mail due to the busy nature of their office and many issues can be found addressed in the FAQ section of their website.  They guarantee a response to e-mail inquiries within two working days.  
Customer who need to contact Pacific Rent-A-Car via telephone should call between 9am and 5pm Cyprus Time (GMT +2).  There is a contact in place 24 hours a day for emergency purposes, and the company asks that general inquiries be saved for regular operating hours and only emergency calls be made to the office when they are closed. TOP PAGE

Even More Discounts through Our Pacific Partners!

1 June 2008

Visitors to North Cyprus who use Pacific Rent-A-Car for their car hire needs can now save money on their trip thanks to the business partnership the car hire company has set up with various merchants and services in the area.  These partner companies range from hoteliers to airlines and by using them in conjunction with Pacific, vacationers and business people alike will appreciate the savings that are being offered. 
Customers can claim their £20 discount when they reserve their hotels and villas and write in the comment section of their reservation form ‘I am a Pacific Rent-A-Car customer’ and the partner sites showcased below.  Each place has been specially picked by Pacific for their professional and courteous service to the visitors to the country. 
Amy Villas (http://www.amyvillas.co.uk/) is a holiday villa rental service that will help visitors to North Cyprus find a self-catering establishment to stay at while on the island.  The website is filled with comprehensive information about the villas that are available during the timeframe the customer is looking for, and includes photos of them so that the customer can see what they are renting before placing any sort of deposit or reservation.  Customers can book the villas on line for their convenience. 
GoNorthCyprus (http://www.gonorthcyprus.com/) is an airline and travel agency that has been in business since 2005 and specializes in a variety of options including vacation packages, flights, hotels, and more.  They can book Pegasus flights straight into Ercan from Stansted and they will even go as far as booking the car hire, courtesy of their partner site, Pacific Rent-A-Car.  All reservations can be booked on line through their website. 
Hotel partner Kyrenia Hotels (http://www.kyreniahotels.co.uk/) is a lovely site that offers potential visitors great information on hotel accommodations in Kyrenia.  The website includes photos of the hotels and their suites and information on the amenities each hotel provides.  This comprehensive website makes choosing a hotel in North Cyprus easy and efficient.  Booking is done online via the website and the hotel of choice. 
There is also a property sales partner offering North Cyprus investment viewing trips that is working with Pacific Rent-A-Car and they have a downloadable investment guide available for interested parties.  Some of the information included in the guide covers how property is bought and sold, what is required to live on the island if a citizen from another country immigrates, how the demarcation zones work, importing items, bringing pets into the country, local attractions and more.  Everything an investor in Cyprus property needs is in the pamphlet. 
Customers who use any of these business partners need to make sure that they include the information about being a Pacific customer when they reserve their rooms, villas, or flights with these partners.  While a £20 discount may not seem like a lot to some people, in this time of economic turbulence it could be the difference between a good vacation and a great one.  Each website has a full customer service department ready to assist customers in making their final plans for the trip to North Cyprus. TOP PAGE

10 New Hyundai Matrix

10 February 2008

Pacific Rental, one of the premier car hire services in North Cyprus, has announced the addition of ten new Hyundai Matrix’s to their car hire fleet.  Considered one of their ‘Comfort Section’ vehicles, the new cars are being offered to customers who are looking for vehicles to accommodate small children and families of five.  The company highly recommends these cars specifically for customers who are travelling with two children that require baby seats due to the roominess in the back seat. 
The Hyundai Matrix is part of Hyundai’s MPV – multi-purpose vehicle – line based on the final height of the roofline.  It was designed by the well-known Italian firm Pininfarina and comes as a five-seated hatchback. 
The Matrix is not new to the consumer vehicles market having been first produced in 2001.  But for the 2008 release it did get a design overhaul.  Hyundai made numerous changes to the overall look of the Matrix, streamlining it and making the front fascia more like the one found on their Hyundai i30 vehicles.  New wheel designs have been added and the previous C-pillar window kink has been taken out.  Additionally, some minor changes have been made to the interior of the car providing drivers and passengers a more comfortable ride overall. 
The new Hyundai Matrix’s at Pacific rental come in manual or automatic and includes power steering, central locking, electric front windows, ABS and airbag systems, and unleaded petrol use for the ease of the customers. 
Pacific’s ‘Comfort Section’ selection of vehicles also includes the Opel Astra, Ford Focus, and Fiat Grande Punto. 
The company prides themselves on the selection of vehicles and services they offer their customers in North Cyprus.  As one of the many car hire companies in North Cyprus, Pacific makes sure that their customers are pleased with their service.  They have twenty-four hour, seven day a week pickup and drop off services for their customers and allow them to pay for their car hire in British Pound Sterling, Euros, American Dollars, and Turkish Lira.  They do not require prepayment or money down when their customers make their reservations. 
Customers at Pacific who need a larger car hire than a Hyundai Matrix while in North Cyprus can select from their other vehicles which include: Suzuki Samurai Soft Top 4X4s; Nissan Sunnys; Hyundai Getzs, also new to Pacific’s fleet; Suzuki Vitara Soft Tops; and Jimny Soft Tops.  Information on car hire in North Cyprus through Pacific can be found, quoted, and reserved through their website.  Additionally, customers are eligible for pickup and drop off service at all of the major airports in North Cyprus. 
Visitors to the island of Cyprus will not be allowed to take Pacific car hire North Cyprus vehicles beyond the demarcation line into South Cyprus. TOP PAGE