What would North Cyprus be like without car hire services?

What would North Cyprus be like without car hire services?

What would North Cyprus be like without car hire services?

You’ll discover quickly that public transport is very limited with only buses and service taxis available. Although these might appeal to your budget, it does restrict your freedom to explore North Cyprus at your leisure, especially when you factor in the lack of train network and no domestic air services. 

One option is to rent a bicycle. There are many ordinary roads paralleling the motorways, so you can cycle safely to wherever it is you’re heading. However, if you’re not used to cycling, you’ll quickly find that your legs will pay the price, even if your wallet doesn’t, and what should be a holiday can soon become a chore if you’re relying on a bike as your sole method of transportation.

If you’re tempted to hitchhike, be aware that this always carries a risk, even in somewhere low crime like Cyprus, and not recommended, especially if you’re travelling alone. You may also struggle to find someone to pick you up in the North due to the lack of long distance traffic.

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It doesn’t take much to see that renting a car is the best way to experience the beauty of North Cyprus. Luckily, Kyrenia based car rental company Pacific Rent-a-Car is on hand with a fleet of 140 cars for hire, with everything from small, fuel efficient cars to 4x4s and people carriers. We provide rental vehicles throughout North Cyprus, so you can pick up a rental car from Kyrenia port, Famagusta port and Ercan airport or even get it delivered straight to your door for maximum convenience.

Your own hired vehicle really comes into its own if you want to see some of the more isolated areas in locations such as the Kyrenia Range, where there isn’t any public transport. You’ll find it a real delight to drive in North Cyprus, where rental cars all have black on red ‘Z’ plates for easy identification. Knowing that you’re a visitor to the area means that you’ll find that other road users are generally more considerate towards you and the police a little more understanding of mistakes (although don’t rely on their turning a blind eye!).

Whether you just want to rent a car for a day or two or your entire stay, the friendly team at Pacific Rent-a-Car is always happy to help you find the perfect car for your needs, so if you need a bit of extra space for your luggage or you just want to travel in style, we’ll make sure you get just the vehicle you want to get the most out of your trip to North Cyprus.