Now you can take Pacific cars to South Cyprus

Now you can take Pacific cars to South Cyprus

Drive in South Cyprus

Cyprus has been a separated country for a number of years now, split between the south and the north. A border has separated these two and you have needed to go through a checkpoint (passport and all) if you want to pass to the other side. This has caused all kinds of complica-tions with holiday-makers, especially those in the north. They want to see the beautiful beaches and idyllic towns in the north, but they also want to see all that the south can offer and they don’t want to go to the hassle of passing through those checkpoints.

What’s more, they couldn’t take their rental car there because restrictions have made it so that cars rented in the south could not be taken into the north, and vice versa. The logistics were a nightmare for rental companies like us and because of that, it just wasn’t possible.

However, things have finally changed, the borders are more relaxed than ever and top rental firms in North Cyprus are now making it possible for you to take your rental car south of the bor-der. That way you can take your car around the entire island, seeing all of the beauty and splen-dor that Cyprus has to offer.

How to do it?

If you rent a car with us in the north and you want to take it down to the southern part of the is-land at some point, then you just need to tell us in advance and pay a small fee of £50. This is a fixed price and it will cover you whether your rental contract is one day or thirty days. You can stay in the south for as long as you want and you can even go back and forth—all for £50 extra.

Just let us know your intentions and we’ll add the £50 charge to your booking. That way you’re free to enjoy everything from the beautiful shores of Paphos, known as the shimmering jewel in the Cypriot crown, to the ancient beauty of the city of Larnaka. Cyprus may be a small country, but there is so much to see and do, so much to taste and experience, and with this one-time fee you can unlock every inch of it.

Permission Only:
The £50 will only grant you permission. By paying this fee you are allowed to take the car to the south and to go back and forth at your leisure. You will still need to pur-chase your car of choice and any extras you want.

What You Need to Know

There are a few other things to bear in mind when making your booking and opting for this extra:

Road TaxTo drive in South Cyprus, you will need to purchase road tax at the border. These are only available to buy during office hours on weekdays, they are closed on the weekends and national holidays.

The £50 will not cover you for the extra insurance you need in the south. You will have to purchase additional insurance on the border (or buy it in advance) if you want to be covered while you are in this region. This is third-party insurance and there is no way to make it fully comprehensive, which is why the driver remains responsible for the car and will be re-quired to pay for any damage to the vehicle.

If you have any questions about this option, whether you’re unsure about the pro-cess, the payment, the options or the insurance, just ask our reps. They will be more than happy to help you and can even offer advice on crossing the border.