Renovations at the Pacific Kyrenia Office

Renovations at the Pacific Kyrenia Office

Renovations at the Pacific Kyrenia Office

Pacific Rent a Car is proud to announce a recent update to our Pacific Kyrenia Office. We have created a space that is more open, more relaxed and more friendly, making life easier for our customers and a little more enjoyable for us as well. The office is in the same place it has always been, within the Pacific Rent a Car petrol station, but the layout and the design have changed.

When you pay a visit to Pacific Rent a Car to speak with one of our friendly staff and book yourself one of our low-cost cars, you can make use of a comfortable seating area, and if you’re kept waiting, there is even a television for you to watch.

What This Means

None of this changes the service that we provide. It doesn’t change our cost or our cars either.  Pacific Rent a Car are still the affordable, reliable service that we have always been. The heart and the soul of this business has not changed, we have just made the face a little more appealing. As we are sure you will agree.

Of course, one of the many benefits of hiring a car with Pacific Rent a Car is that much of the process can be completed online. You can choose the car you want, along with your pickup destination and your return destination all on the Pacific Rent a Car website. So all of our hard work might be in vain. But many of our customers still like to drop-in to our Pacific Kyrenia Office to chat with our staff, and that’s why we felt the need for this renovation.

The New Design

We felt that the old layout was a little too cramped, and not conducive to the friendly atmosphere that we wanted to created. So we got rid of the clutter and we opened things up a bit. This new layout has been weeks in the making and is still in the process of renovation as we speak, but you can already see and feel the benefits. It flows much better than the old layout did. There is more space, more room to breathe, and more room in which to do business. The staff at Pacific Rent a Car love the design, and from what we’ve heard from our customers, they feel the same way.

The Location

If you want to see this new layout for yourself, then pay us a visit. Our Pacific Kyrenia Office is located at 23 Ecevit Caddesi, 99300, a short distance inland from Kyrenia Harbour, and a short drive from Ercan Airport. Many of our customers prefer us to bring the car to them when their holiday begins, as this negates the need for a taxi or a bus trip, which is not how you want to begin your holiday after a long flight. But it may be easier for you to leave the car with our Pacific Kyrenia Office when you have finished your holiday, before booking a taxi to take you back to the airport.

This is especially true if you have any issues with the car or have experienced any bumps and scratches, as these can be discussed with our team at the Pacific Kyrenia Office. These happen, and it’s not something you should worry about. Just bring the car along, we’ll look at the damage, talk you through the process and will do what we can to help.


As mentioned above, you can book everything online through the Pacific Rent a Car website and there is no need to drop into our Pacific Kyrenia Office office at all to begin with. We can arrange delivery of the car that you book, and we can also arrange for it to be picked up from Ercan airport, or from your hotel or villa.

Just click onto our website, find the car that best fits your needs, and then click onto our “Booking” section. We are the premier car hire company in all of North Cyprus, and we guarantee that you won't find anything better or cheaper than what you can find on the Pacific Rent a Car website. You can choose the times and the pickup/return destinations that suit you, and we also have an option for Larnaca airport transfers if you’re not flying in or out through Ercan airport.

Of course, you don’t need to stick with our website. If you’re unsure of anything, if you want to ask us some questions about our cars, our service or our booking procedure, or if you simply want to see our newly renovated offices, then we would be happy to welcome you.