20 New Vehicles Added to Our Extensive Fleet in North Cyprus

20 New Vehicles Added to Our Extensive Fleet in North Cyprus

New Ford Focus Unveiled: Ready for a 2019 Addition to our Fleet

The Ford Focus is one of the world’s most popular cars. It has been a big hit in Europe and a huge success in China, which is why it was voted as the world’s best selling car in 2013 and 2014 and why it has remained in the top 5 ever since. Here In North Cyprus, the Ford Focus is one of the three biggest selling cars, which is why the locals are getting excited about the launch of the new 2018 model.

The Ford Focus is often considered to be a direct rival to the VW Golf and the Vauxhall Astra, two cars of a similar size and capability, as well as a similar price range. Every year more than 1 million of these cars are sold new, making it a huge cash cow for the world’s oldest automobile manufacturer.

The Ford Focus was first launched in 1998 and ever since then it has been praised for its affordability, its reliability and its capabilities, all of which have helped to make this one of the most sought-after cars on the forecourt, while also being able to hold its value for the used car marketplace.

What This Means for Pacific Rent-A-Car Customers

Before we get to the specifics on what makes the new Ford Focus such an exciting car for single travelers and families alike, we want to tell you what this means for Pacific Rent-a-Car and our customers.

We’re very happy to announce that we will be adding these brand-new, high-spec cars to our fleet as soon as 2019, giving you the chance to experience all the joys of this modern marvel for yourself. As well as the Ford Focus we’ll be getting a line of Ford Fiestas, the prices for which will be £16 and £17 per day respectively.

These are some of the most popular cars for holiday-makers, providing the sort of affordability, convenience, space and reliability that travelers need, and that’s why we’ve taken the step to boost our fleet with these top vehicles.

Ford Focus 2018: The Basics

The 2018 Ford Focus has had a bit of an upgrade and a facelift, bringing it in line with modern technology and ensuring it fits into the aesthetic created by other new Ford models. The changes include a bigger grille, giving it the feel of a large car instead of a mid-size one; horizontal headlights, which also add to the illusion of size; and a curvier appearance more befitting of Ford’s European rivals.

The new model will be available in 13 different colours, including some more unusual shades of orange and blue named Orange Glow and Desert Island Blue, and it is available as a hatchback and an estate. As always, buyers will be given a choice of upgrades before they get their chequebooks out. These include the uber-luxurious Vignale, which is a fully pimped-out Ford Focus that comes with its own exclusive colour choice: Dark Mulberry.

On the other end of the upgrade scale you have the Active, which is smaller and comes with fewer additions to the inside and the bodykit, but is ideal for couples or smaller families.

Ford Focus 2018: The Interior

As far as the interior goes, there is a lot of space to enjoy here. Ford have stripped back the bulky fittings, which means that even though the interior space is roughly the same, it feels more roomy and there is plenty of space in which you can stretch your legs. There are brushed finishes, touches of polished glass, and fabrics that are soft to the touch—all of which you’ll find in the standard models.

The tech has received a big upgrade as well. The Ford Focus now comes with an 8 inch touch-screen display that incorporates the widely praised Ford Sync 3 infotainment system, providing you with plenty of options when it comes to in-car entertainment and navigation, including wireless charging, and both DAB and Bluetooth connectivity.

The extra space is available in both the front and the back, with minor adjustments being made to get the most out of every single inch. You will also notice a bigger boot, especially in the estate version. They specifically designed this to be able to fit a dog crate, which means it’s an ideal choice for families who travel with dogs and want to keep them safe and confined throughout the journey.

If you lower the rear-seats then the Ford Focus Estate 2018 offers 1,650 litres of space. To put that into perspective, the Land Rover Discovery has 1,137 litres without the seats being lowered, while the Land Rover Discovery Sport has less than 1,000 litres. That makes the Ford Focus Estate a great choice even for big families.