Rent your car without stress

Rent your car without stress

Rent your car without stress

UK’s Top 10 Holiday Stresses UK holiday makers like nothing more than getting away to a sun-drenched tourist hot-spot and spending a few weeks by the sea. Such is the case with the tourists that flock to North Cyprus every year. They don’t ask for much. They just want a comfortable flight, an affordable North Cyprus car rental and a week or two of fine weather.

That’s not too much to ask. But a recent survey of the UK’s Top 10 Holiday Stresses suggests that while British tourists are not the most demanding, they could well be some of the unluckiest, as our resident British writer explains.

1.People who Kick the Plane Seat
British people are a unique breed, it’s fair to say. We’re one of the few species of human that will apologise to someone after they bump into us. It’s just an innate reaction, and one that has been instilled into us through centuries of stuff upper lips. So, when someone goes out of their way to do something rude, something designed to annoy, it’s an insult, and one we take very seriously.

If you have ever suffered the indignity of having your seat kicked throughout a flight then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

2. Drunk Brits
If there is anything that frustrates a Brit during their flight or their holiday, it’s another Brit who has had a little too much to drink. We can’t speak the language of the locals and we don’t really understand their customs either. But they’re quiet, they’re calm and, perhaps more importantly, they leave us alone. The same can’t be said for our drunken countrymen though.

Most Brits spend at least 1 evening of their holiday pretending to be talking on their phone just so they can avoid the persistent drunken banter of a British stranger in a local pub.

3. Passengers who Recline their Seats Without Asking
During long flights, it’s good to take some weight off, to recline your seat back and to catch forty winks. But most British people would sooner suffer through the discomfort of sitting upright than risk annoying the person behind them. Which is why it’s so annoying when the person in front of them has the nerve to recline their seat without asking.

4. Noisy Children
Noisy children are one of the things that all adult Brits agree is annoying. Of course, many of us have noisy children ourselves. But that’s different. They are our kids. They are allowed to be noisy. Other peoples’ kids on the other hand, they’re out of control. They need to be subdued (or shot, depending on how much they annoy us), less they ruin our holidays.

5. Crowds at the Airport
The UK is not exactly a summer-time island destination, and locals have to travel far if they want to see the sun. Such is the case with many tourists trekking to North Cyprus every year. And if you have spent that long cooped-up in a plane, the last thing you want to see is huge crowds at the airport.

You want to land, grab your bags, pick-up your rental car and then leave the airport behind, before the noise, the human traffic and the organised chaos drives you around the bend.

6. Bad Wi-Fi Signal
Us Brits are attached to our Wi-Fi signals. This is what facilitates our shopping, talking and random browsing. At home, a strong Wi-F signal is something we can rely on, so when this is not available in our hotel or resort, there is hell to pay.

A hotel manager hasn’t lived until he has been on the receiving end of an angry British person complaining about a bad or non-existent Wi-Fi signal. Never has someone threatened to write a letter of complaint with so much venom.

7. Being Plagued by Insects
We don’t get a lot of scary insects in Britain. Ladybugs, worms and the occasional creepy bath-spider is as bad as it gets. As a result, it’s no wonder that us Brits have such a issue with foreign insects invading our hotel rooms and even our rental cars!

8. Noisy Neighbours in the Hotel
We have a unique relationship with our neighbours in Britain, one that is very much black or white. On the one hand, they are our best friends, our coffee-buddies and small-talk companions. On the other, they are our worst enemies, just one early-morning car exhaust or one misplaced bin away from a full-scale conflict.

So, it’s perhaps no wonder that one of the biggest stresses for British holiday makers is noisy neighbours. And once a Brit experiences the annoyance of a noisy neighbour, then the lines have been drawn and war has begun. In the eyes of that person, their holiday is now over and the rest of the fortnight will be spent complaining to management and thinking of other passive-aggressive ways to display their anger.

9. Jumpers
If you ever needed proof that British people are somewhat repressed and treat any emotional people with suspicion, this should be it. Because number 9 on this list are the people who jump out of their seats—possibly while omitting a high-pitched exclamation—as soon as the plane’s wheels hit the tarmac.

These people already feel a little embarrassed at their actions, but that embarrassment increases tenfold when they feel a hundred pairs of judging British eyes on them.

10. Airline Baggage Limits
Your baggage is supposed to help you on your holiday. It contains everything you need and rely on. But from the moment you have to pay extra to check it in, to the moment you have to drag it to the back of a taxi outside the airport, it just causes problems. You’ll wish you left it at home and you’ll be seriously considering just buying all of your essential holiday gear in the resort during your next holiday.

If you want to make your life easier, book yourself a rental car (and if you’re looking for a car rental service in North Cyprus, Pacific- Rent-A-Car can help to make things a little less stressful). It’ll save you the high fees of an airport taxi, not to mention the evil look the taxi driver gives you as you drag a bulging suitcase next to his car and then glance expectantly at his car boot.