Recommended Activities and Tours

Activities and Tours in North Cyprus

From endless golden beaches to a rich folk culture and authentic gastronomical heritage, North Cyprus is a region worth exploring and enjoying. Our recommended platform has a huge range of activities and niche tours across the island for any type of visitor and have left us below their top insider tips.


No trip in North Cyprus is complete without a day spent enjoying the amazing beaches it has to offer. Some of the most gorgeous beaches in the region are in the Karpaz peninsula, where as an added perk you can see and feed hundreds of wild donkeys roaming free.

We highly recommend taking advantage of the clear blue waters and try scuba diving in North Cyprus.


A typical Cypriot dinner will start with meze (which means “mixture”), which consists of many small dishes with a little of everything followed by main dishes that are mostly meat-based, and end with dessert and traditional locally brewed coffee. Fish in Cyprus is often freshly caught and worth experiencing – you might well be invited into the kitchen to choose from that day’s catch.

If you are feeling more adventurous, why not try a North Cyprus Taste Tour or even a Cooking Workshop and truly learn the flavours of our lovely island?


Cyprus' long history dates back to 7000 B.C. and has collected a very rich and wide cultural tradition.

In Cyprus you will still find many places where traditional arts such as embroidery, pottery, basket weaving, wood carving and silver weaving are still practiced, and some of them might be more famous than you think! According to a legend, Leonardo da Vinci visited the Lefkara village in 1481 and took back some Lefkara Lace which he then used in the tablecloth design at the Last Supper.

Nature & Hiking

Cyprus is blessed with over 300 sunny days every year and a variety of over 1900 flowers and plants. As you cross the island, you will come across sea caves, sand dunes, waterfalls and vast woodlands, with many nature trails and dramatic cliffs to explore for the most adventurous.

There are many nature activities to do in North Cyprus, with experienced and enthusiastic guides that will let you explore your wild side safely and good hands. Why not try a nature walk or cycling if you are feeling like commuting with nature, or if you are feeling more adventurous, try your hand at rock climbing? Here are our Top Hiking Tours in North Cyprus. The sky is the limit when exploring North Cyprus.

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