High Life

This is another amazing viewed hotel in Northern Cyprus.It is located in the cost line of Karakum Village, the balconies of the hotel allow you to see whole cost line of Karakum Village and new harbor.This is also a friendly family - run establishment, the owner of the holiday village ( Mr. Beha) is working as a general manager and has good contact with all guests of the hotel.

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Have you worked too hard in your country? You need a nice rest? And you don't want to see children's going around a swimming pool and making noise ? High life Holiday Village is a ideal place for you.

Follow me ....

I would like to describe the location of the hotel to all who have been to Kyrenia before.Let's take Pia- Bella Hotels as a starting point and the direction to the east.After pia bella hotel you will see a big supermarket with large car park.The name of the supermarket is Lemar.Then you will see a big post sign of Club Kyrenia Hotel, many people know it Oscars Hotel, Don't turn Club Kyrenia direction, keep going on the same way.After a 1.5-2 KM you will see small houses and shops on the both side of the road.That is Karakum Village.Then slow down your car because you will see the post sign of High Life Holiday village turn to left to narrow road.The Hotel is end of the narrow road on the coast.

Have a nice holiday!