Weather in North Cyprus

North Cyprus Weather

Spring and Autumn Weather in Northern Cyprus

Springtime in Northern Cyprus is almost magical, as the wild flowers colour the mountainside, and the whole country is green and lush. The weather from April onwards is warm and pleasant, just right for taking your North Cyprus hire car and exploring the Kyrenia Mountains, or walking the ruins of the Roman city of Salamis. You will need a jacket for any evening strolls or dining out, and the mountains will always be cooler than the coastal or inland areas.

This is also true of the autumn in North Cyprus, when the summer heat gently fades away into balmy autumn days. Most of the tourists have gone home, so you can drive to the picturesque ruins of Bellapais Abbey and have the place almost to yourself. Remember to take your jacket for when the sun goes down.

Summer Weather in North Cyprus

The summer weather in North Cyprus is hot, sunny and dry. Day after day of endless sunshine makes North Cyprus a sun-worshipper's paradise. The summer sun is strong, so you should apply high factor sunscreen regularly during the day to prevent burning, and especially after taking a cooling dip in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea! A sun hat will help keep you cool, and a light shirt will help protect you from the strong midday sun. Remember that in the summer months, air conditioning in your North Cyprus rental car is a necessity, not an option!

Winter Weather in North Cyprus

Winters in North Cyprus may be cold for the locals, but they are relatively warm for anyone who normally lives north of Paris! North Cyprus basks in 300 days of sunshine, so even during the winter, you can always find a sunny day to take a drive. What little rainfalls North Cyprus has falls during the winter, but the occasional downpour is never enough to dissuade the keen golfers playing on the new golf course at Esentepe, just a short drive in your North Cyprus hire car from Kyrenia.

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