Hotel Club Z

Hotel Club Z is excellent choice for people who want to stay close to city center and I strongly recommend it. In Northern Cyprus only few hotels have the opportunity that Hotel Club Z has.That opportunity is location.Hotel Z is very close to city center, shopping area, old harbor, new harbor and other historical places.

It is very clean and well managed holiday complex.It has new finished indoor swimming pool will turn cold winter days in to warm summer nights. Personally I am going to health club of hotel club z very often and I got full satisfaction with the service that they provide us.The garden of the hotel makes you to feel yourselves in a tropical country.The outdoor pool is located in the middle of the banana garden, that picture makes the hotel special for me.
I have never had a chance to see the rooms of the hotel, but I have many high quality customers who hire a car from us and they are always staying at Hotel Club Z.That means rooms are perfect too.

Banana Garden ....

If you are staying in hotel Club Z, you will not have any problem with food.First of all you have a chance to find a food from 2 different cuisines in the hotels' restaurant - Turkish and European.On the other hand there are many local restaurants in Kyrenia City , they are all within walking distance.

Ones again I have to say that if you are planning to book a hotel near by the city center in Kyrenia - North Cyprus, I think Hotel Club Z is the best choice.

Now it's your time ....