February 2016

Thursday, 16 February 2016

Severe Weather Conditions

Ozankoy, North Cyprus

Weather ConditionsAfter a wet and wild end to December 2014, 2015 began in much the same manner, with several parts of Cyprus experiencing high levels of rain and snowfall. Although a certain amount of rainfall is expected for this time of year, the severity of the rain and snow took many by surprise, causing chaos on the roads; with many of the main routes remaining slippery and dangerous for an extended period of time.

Average Winter Temperatures in Cyprus

With one of the warmest climates in the Mediterranean, it’s unusual for temperatures to drop below 7C, even in the coldest months. Indeed, average winter temperatures often reach as high as 18C, making it one of the most popular winter tourist destinations for sun-seekers looking to escape the cold temperatures of their own country.
Rainfall is, of course, fairly common during the winter. Although snow is not unheard of, snowfall is generally isolated to the region around the Troodos Mountains. As a result, the recent inclement weather has come as something as a shock to Cyprus, leaving many worried as to whether or not the snow will make a return later on this winter. Read More